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Edgware of glory

There is something comforting about the international chain of franchised vegan restaurants known as Loving Hut. They are simply everywhere. I have eaten in LH locations in Brisbane, Australia and Madrid, Spain. Outlets have popped up in Philadelphia, Nice and Xalapa. When you are in an unknown city and feeling a bit challenged in your quest to find a vegan meal, Loving Hut can really be a welcome sight.

The finest Loving Hut I have eaten in is definitely the restaurant located in Edgware in London, UK. Yes, it still comes with the sometimes intrusive Ching Hai information espoused in all Loving Hut locations but their menu is by far the most expansive and impressive I have seen.

Of course there is the usual option of eating for a fixed price from their buffet, but this Loving Hut cooks a certain dish that I can never refuse. Vegan fish and chips. Oh, yes. Served with a wedge of lemon, this meal is truly one of my favourite on the planet. I think I have ordered this every time I have been in the Edgware location.

Vegan fish & chips

Everything I have sampled from their massive menu is of a very high standard. During our last trip, Josh and I fought over every last morsel of the salted chicken and crispy/salted brocoli. These items are irresistible and I would recommend them to anyone making their first trip to the eatery.

Delicious vegan chicken & brocoli

I also love the complimentary vegetables crackers accompanied by a spicy coleslaw-styled salad. Every table is presented with these before ordering. It is a lovely touch and a perfect way to kickstart an appetite before plunging into the extensive menu.

Like prawn crackers... but vegan!

During our last visit, Josh also got friendly with a lovely plate of flavoursome Pad Thai. I know this was not his first time ordering the dish, so it must be good enough to get again and again.

Pad Thai at Loving Hut Edgware

The food is sublime. The spiritual propaganda is sometimes irksome. Maybe you should make a trip out there to see if either of these points outweighs the other.

Visit Loving Hut Edgware online

Nearest Underground station is Edgware, the final station on the Northern Line in Zone 5.

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  1. I love Loving Hut! I used to live in Singapore and would always make a trek to the store. Next time I am in LDN I will head over to their’s to try the fish and chips! Looks divine!

    • The LH in Camden is much smaller but they do a lovely burger and chips worth checking out, too!

  2. Are they Buddhists?

  3. They are followers of the Quan Yin method, a spiritual belief framework promoted by a person called Ching Hai. It is not aligned with any mainstream religion but might have some Buddhist influences.

  4. I think the branches which used to be something else (this one used to be Mr Man and the Archway one used to be Peking Palace – I love both) have a much better menu and better food than the newly opened Loving Huts.

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