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Not a difficult choice

Life is full of choices.

I chose last year to relocate (once again) to Europe instead of choosing to remain in Australia. I choose not to buy or consume dairy products due of the mistreatment of animals exploited within the industry. Furthermore, I often choose to overeat sweet food because I’m a greedy fat, gay vegan.

These three choices of European living, dairy-free food and sugar over-consumption have recently merged into some sort of holy trinity of choice with the discovery of a delicious chocolate caramel product called Choices. See what I did there?

Vegan chocolate with caramel centre

Choices are simply divine. If you are a vegan who longs to taste the sugary-goodness of a Rolo, these sweets are for you. They are rounded chocolate cups filled with delicious, creamy caramel.

These treats are produced by the Celtic Chocolates Ltd of Summerhill in County Meath, Ireland. This manufacturer is well-known to vegans all across Ireland and the UK as makers of fine chocolates that are suitable for a range of specific diets.

The Choices box set me back £2.99 from Sainsbury’s on Cromwell Road, London. This is the first time I have seen them available, but my instant love affair with them ensures I will hunt them down again shortly.

Apologies for not supplying photos of the unwrapped chocolates. Every time I peeled back the gold foil from a sweet, I couldn’t resist eating it instantly. The evidence is in my belly.

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  1. drool

  2. Not too sure how appetizing non-cream chocolates would be but they look good from here! Too bad not in the USA!!!

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