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I know you’ll take another

As a sugar-loving vegan, certain times of the year are tougher than others.

My recent trips to grocery stores and supermarkets have been met by a familiar sight for this time of year. Christmas shopping frenzy means I am confronted by countless varieties of boxed chocolates, truffles and candy. This onslaught of boxed confection also sweeps through my life around Valentine’s Day, mothers day and an increasing number of commercialised celebrations.

As a fat, gay vegan all I wanna do is drop a few of these boxes into my basket as I waddle to the checkout. Until a few days ago, this was but a dream.

Enter Celtic Chocolates.

Celtic Chocolates create a wide range of products out of their headquarters in the small Irish town of Summerhill in County Heath. Not everything they produce is vegan but the lines that are dairy free are amongst some of my favourite sweets available in the UK. Remember when I raved about these delights made by Celtic?

But what have Celtic done to help me through this current season of boxed chocolates? They have gone and produced a delightful box of vegan treats to keep me more than happy.

Fine Dark Chocolates by Celtic

Fine Dark Chocolates by Celtic

The Fine Dark Chocolates by Celtic are gluten free and vegan. They would certainly make a fabulous present for that special cruelty-free eater in your life. If you are anything like me, that special person you buy for is more often than not myself!

Flavours in the box include ginger ganache, cherry heart, chocolate espresso, brandy truffle, orange ‘n chocolate and chocolate leaf. Every flavour is delightful and the box houses two of each variety just in case you are sharing with a friend.

Sitting pretty

Sitting pretty

All this could be yours!

All this could be yours!

Keep your eyes open wide for these treats over the coming weeks… and please remember that while I do not celebrate Christmas, I do accept and eat delicious gifts at any time of the year.

Visit Celtic Chocolates online

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. I need these! Have really missed having boxes of chocolates. Don’t understand this sharing chocolates business, though. 🙂

  2. Oh no!!! They look delicious, there goes the diet.

  3. Tried to order some to send to a friend today. It told me there are “no delivery options available” and I couldn’t order at all! Not good.

    • I bought some in Holland & Barrett. Try there!

      • Look out for when they’re in the ‘Buy One Get One Half Price, or ‘Buy One Get One For A Penny’ deals at H&B – rude not to get some then!
        PS I am always kind & ‘share’ the brandy ones with someone else…but only because I don’t like the taste of the booze 😉

  4. My favourites have been Conscious Chocolate…also sugar free 🙂 Oh and of course my roommates home made chocolates!

    • I adore Conscious Chocolates. The goji & coconut flavour is a favourite.

  5. Hey FGV,
    I was wondering about these chocolates. Would you class them as luxury? I wasn’t sure whether they’d be worth the price so it’s good that I can just ask you! 🙂 Certain filled chocolates from certain respectable charities *coughanimalaid* aren’t that nice and don’t taste luxurious (imho). How do these compare?

    • They are nice but they are not luxurious. Luxurious is the MooFree pralines. They are gorgeous.

  6. I NEED to try these… I consider it a personal priority to sample all brands of vegan chocolate for ahem.. the good of the community 🙂

  7. I bought these as a gift for a bunch of omnis and they thought they were delicious. They’re no booja booja, but rarely can I afford a box of those!

  8. I love the Caramel Choices so I will have to try these. I don’t think I’ll be sharing though 🙂

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