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“Spicer won’t want fish and chips,” Dallow said.

Brighton is a shining star for vegans looking to brighten their lives with some cruelty-free dining. Unfortunately the shine has been dimmed a whole lot with the sad closing of a vegetarian supernova.

Red Veg was a fantastic idea. As a vegan I often longed for the type of fast food that is usually only sold by mass-murdering corporations. Red Veg took that concept of burger, fries and a drink and rescued the cow. They weren’t a completely vegan company, but they did have many tasty options suitable for vegans and their burgers couldn’t be beaten. I am hesitant to sing their praises too loudly as it will only make you (and me) miss them all the more.

Red Veg Brighton on its final day

For many years I would stumble into the Soho location of Red Veg nursing a hangover. My usual order of a vegan Red Veg burger, a serving of fries and a Whole Earth soda would always set me back on the right track. On returning to London last year after years in the southern hemisphere, I was devastated to learn the Soho branch of Red Veg had been closed down. The site was reclaimed to make way for the Crossrail project. It was sad news but I appeased myself in the knowledge I still had the Brighton shop. Imagine my shock a few weeks ago when I heard news announcing the Brighton store was to close.

My last ever order from Red Veg

Josh and I hotfooted it down to Brighton to ensure we were there for the final day of Red Veg. The store was heaving with loyal customers keen to savour the goodness of the fast food outlet one last time.

We picked a window table to be the scene of our last meal. Yes, the music was too loud. Yes, the place could get a bit untidy. Yes, an order could take a while. Yes, the service could be a tad spotty. But gee, I am really going to miss being able to sit down to this meal.

Goodbye Red Veg. Like all spectacular stars you shone brightly, flickered from time to time and burned out too soon.

My final ever vegan Red Veg burger


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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Do you know why it is they shut their doors? It seemed so sudden!

    • They only announced on their FB page that is was no longer viable to trade. It is very sad.

      • Yes, I’m going to miss it. I wish they’d publish the recipe!

  2. this is such sad news. always awful to see a vegetarian restaurant close down. pity i never got to try their burger!!

    • I’m hoping they will pop up again somewhere down the line. If they do, I’ll get in touch instantly! LOL.

  3. Aw no, loved it the one chance I got to visit. True vegan junk food.

    Also, just read through the whole blog, love it!

    • It was awesome being able to order a burger and fries, wasn’t it? Thanks for the compliment!

  4. I was excited to try this place when I visited Brighton on my honeymoon… too bad!! The idea of a fast food veg place sounds fantastic! We don’t have anything like that in pokey Tucson, AZ.

  5. […] Not long after the Soho location was shuttered, the Brighton RedVeg location was also forced to shut its doors following dwindling fortunes. I was so in love with their burger, I made a special trip to Brighton on their closing weekend and ate what I thought was to be one of the final RedVeg burgers ever served. See here. […]

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