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A fair amount of vegan cupcakes

If vegan cupcakes are a sure way to my heart, I was head over heels in love today during a visit to the Ms Cupcake pop-up shop in Soho, London today.

Vegan Bear selling in Soho

Ms Cupcake is a fabulous vegan cupcake company I have written about previously and they create the best small cakes I have ever eaten. Since my visit to their Greenwich Market stall, I’ve suffered through countless sleepless nights as I’ve plotted, schemed and dreamed of a way back to their sweet treats. Well, my pleas were heard apparently. Ms Cupcake have a pop-up store situated in Soho, London this week and it is set to return again for two days next week in the same location. Positioned in a fair trade gift store called Fair Share, the Ms Cupcake table is brimming with six specially-created fair trade flavours that have to be tasted to be believed.

Vanilla/White Chocolate and Choco-Nut cupcakes

Let’s get down to business. With six flavours on offer, it was my FGV duty to try all of them. First up was the delightful Vanilla/White Chocolate concoction. The cake was moist and the frosting smooth and rich. The Choco-Nut was absurdly-delicious and featured a cashew nestled on the super-sweet chocolate topping (which was piled high).

Costa Rican Coffee and Strawberry/Chocolate

Next up is possibly one of my favourite vegan cupcakes in the history of my overeating. The Strawberry/Chocolate flavour tasted like nothing else I’ve experienced. Josh shared this with me and he described his share as decadent. Costa Rican Coffee was next up. It looks fantastic, however I am not a coffee consumer thus allowing Josh the opportunity to consume this in his own time. I believe he has made plans to get acquainted with this particular cupcake tomorrow morning.

Fair'ly Chocolaty and Mmmmmango cupcakes

Rounding out my fair trade selection are the delightful duo of Fair’ly Chocolaty and Mmmmmango. If you are a fan of chocolate, the Fair’ly Chocolaty will do nothing but cement your fanaticism. The chocolate sponge, chocolate frosting and a petite square on top is a winning combination. The mango was the most traditional tasting of all the cupcakes. The slight hint of fruit didn’t interfere with a subtle sponge and creamy topping.

So, are you convinced yet? Ms Cupcake make the best vegan cupcakes this FGV has ever tasted. But hold the front page. The cruelty-free bakers are causing a huge stir across London with the impending opening of the city’s first vegan bakery. Set to swing their doors open in Brixton within the next few weeks, the Ms Cupcake store is planning on offering all manner of sweet items. I hear they have been perfecting their cinnamon roll and donut recipes in preparation for the grand opening. Rest assured, I will be reporting the event with great enthusiasm.

Make sure you pop into the Soho pop-up store this week. Ms Cupcake are selling on Friday March 4 and then again on Thursday and Friday March 10 and 11. The stall is operational between 11am and 6pm. Say hello to Vegan Bear for me if he is boxing up the cakes.

Location: Fair Share, 102 Berwick Street, London W1F 0QP

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. WOW! They look perfect! Beautiful!

    • Kaycee, they even taste better than they look.

  2. Excellently put!!
    The cakes are as sublime as the friendly conversation is….well……friendly. After the appalling news that they are having their hours cut on Greenwich Market (an incredibly short sighted decision on the part of the Market Organisers), it was nice to see such a wonderful stall laid out with all the goodies you could wish for. All served up by the Lovely and very knowledgeable ‘VeganBear’.
    A trip into town is well worth it for this diversion alone.
    Now just have to plan the next visit to coincide with the next pop up…….

    • Vegan Bear is a solid addition to an already irresistible proposal. He makes buying vegan cupcakes a trouble-free and enjoyable occasion.

  3. i am sooooooo jealous!!!!!

    • Come back to Camden… er, I mean Soho. Cake and cider date if you do.

  4. Love this entry it had me laughing out loud! I’m very jealous and will definitely be trying this place out when I’m next down. They look sooooo tasty!

    • Anna, I will be your personal guide to Ms Cupcake when you visit.

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  6. Just had the coffee one this morning… wouldn’t it be great to start everyday with a cupcake! The cake was perfectly moist but chewy and liberally topped with a delicious, creamy coffee icing. I can’t wait for their bakery to open…. I’m moving to Brixton!!

  7. Those look so amazing, it would be impossible not to buy one of each!

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