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You’d better run egg

As an atheist I don’t partake in rituals, rites or celebrations based on religious beliefs. But I’m certainly not going to let a little non-belief get in my way of a vegan Easter egg.

Gromit the cat saunters by my vegan egg

Whilst trolling around Sainsbury’s supermarket on Cromwell Road in London for a snack, I stumbled upon a delectable-looking treat in the section reserved for food allergies and specialist diets. The freefrom Easter egg stood tall on the top shelf and beckoned me with its yellow wrapping, shiny bow and cheeky swing tag advertising its vegan status. I was so taken by the snappy appearance of this seasonal snack that I was on the verge of offering to buy it a drink. Gift-wrapped, vegan chocolate doesn’t fall into my FGV lap everyday, so I barely hesitated as I swooped it up and deposited it into my shopping basket.

A vegan, gluten-free Easter egg

In an unusual display of self-restraint, I waited until I was home before investigating the contents. The wait was worthwhile. The chocolate was dark and bitter. The tang of the egg was perfectly balanced. I’m not a fan of strong chocolate and was delighted to discover this dark egg was not overwhelming. Things improved further on my discovery of a small box of vegan, chocolate discs nestled within the package. Delightful.

In bonus news for gluten intolerant readers, the egg is also GF. Everybody wins. It doesn’t matter if you buy Easter eggs for religious reasons or not, Sainsbury’s allows you to do it in cruelty-free style.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. That’s cool! And if you find yourself in the states, try out Rescue Chocolate’s “The Good Egg!” Keep up the yummy writing. http://goo.gl/XYi8V

    • Wow! I think I like the look of your egg a whole lot better. I won’t be in the US until August. Will they be available at that time? I noticed your site states they only have a limited run.

  2. OMFG this is the best news ever!!

    I was freaking out thinking I was going to have my first vegan Easter with no Easter Eggs and was considering making my own (which I did not really want to do) and now I have just read this and it has made my Friday!

    I so hope I can get it in my local Sainsburys, I may try on-line! How exciting…!

    Thanks FGV xxxx

    • No problem, Jennifer! They also had a Simpsons egg (with a picture of Bart on the box) that was dairy free but it wasn’t labelled vegan. I am going to do a bit more investigating on that one. xx

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