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I guess this sound is soothing

If you visit this blog often, you could be forgiven for thinking my days are stuffed solid with cruelty-free food and alcoholic beverages. It is true I like to overeat and I do enjoy a tipple, but I also make a lot of room in my FGV world for music. If a band or singer I appreciate is also known for promoting the welfare of non-human animals, all of my worlds collide.

Adalita and PETA against fur

Many of the entertainers I admire care for non-humans. My life-long main obsession, Morrissey, has raised the profile of vegetarianism to untold heights. Thanks to Meat is Murder, I believe he is as well known for his animal-friendly politics as he is for his contributions to music. Nellie McKay has integrated her love and respect for all creatures into complex, quirky and irresistible pop classics. The card sleeve for her 2008 release Pretty Little Head was even produced with the aid of soy ink.  And then there is Adalita.

Adalita Srsen is a phenomenally- charismatic and talented singer/songwriter who has emerged from Magic Dirt, one of the greatest alternative bands in Australian history, to forge a stomping solo career. After surviving a harrowing period following the death of friend and Magic Dirt band mate Dean Turner, Adalita set to ensuring her debut solo album was readied to be unleashed upon the world. She has toured the songs in support slots across Australia and is now launching her own solo shows that will see her traveling far and wide.

Aside from killer rock tracks, such as the ones found on her eponymously-titled album, Adalita is known for her outspoken attitude toward animal welfare. She has campaigned for welfare and rights group, notably fronting an anti-fur campaign for PETA during 2008. I once even had the pleasant surprise of being seated next to Adalita and Raúl (Magic Dirt guitarist) in a vegetarian restaurant in Melbourne, Australia. We chatted briefly about the quality of the animal-friendly cuisine and how awesome their band is. A recent EP released by Adalita features a poignant yet fiercely rocking track called Fur Seal, a song detailing the murder of innocent animals for fashion. Adalita’s money is certainly where her mouth is.

If you have room in your life for a person who loves animals and produces world-class alternative rock, take a virtual trip to some of the links on this page. Support independent music and buy Adalita’s debut solo disc from iTunes Australia. The rest of the world can order the disc online (and receive bonus postcards). Check out the music video for Hot Air, the lead single from the Adalita album. Located below that is a fun music video to accompany the Magic Dirt single Supagloo. This 2001 release shows Adalita and Magic Dirt rescuing (toy) animals from a laboratory.


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