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Vegan cupcake champion of the world

From NYC to Sydney and from Barcelona to Los Angeles people just can’t get enough of a certain sweet treat. Yep, the world is obsessed with vegan cupcakes.

Cherry Dream by Ms Cupcake

As a well-travelled FGV, I have devoured my fair share of cupcakes all around the globe. I’ve dined on Babycakes in New York, slobbered over frosted sponges in Gopal, Barcelona and licked the sugar off my fingers in Loving Hut, Brisbane. Cupcakes are everywhere and I thought I had eaten the best a cupcake can get. That was until Ms. Cupcake crash landed into my life. My entire cupcake appreciation framework is being forcibly re-imagined.

Mochaccino and triple chocolate cupcakes

Ms. Cupcake is a budding baking company selling cupcake splendour at a stall in Greenwich Markets as well as The Tea Rooms in Brick Lane. The flavours on offer are mind-boggling. Coconut, triple-chocolate, ginger, apple spice and so many, many more. The Ms. Cupcake website proudly states they have 70 plus varieties overall. This FGV highly recommends the triple chocolate. The frosting is thick, rich, creamy and irresistible.

Whispers are swirling as thickly as that delicious frosting that Ms. Cupcake are planning a proper store front of their own. It will house their bakery as well as supplying a range of savouries, sweets and hot drinks. To stay updated with the expansion, follow Ms. Cupcake on Twitter.

A hilarious side story to my trip to Greenwich Markets to savour the delights of Ms. Cupcakes involves meeting with a fellow vegan blogger. One of the staff members often found delicately placing the cakes into take away boxes is Vegan Bear. Our meeting must have made for entertaining eavesdropping.

Vegan Bear selling vegan cupcakes

“Hello. Are you Vegan Bear?”

“Yes. Yes I am.”

“I am Fat Gay Vegan. It is great to meet you.”

This was followed by other niceties and ended with me saying, “I’ll take 12 cupcakes please.”

Say hello to Ms. Cupcake soon. Truly the world’s best vegan cupcake. **UPDATE** See my brand new blog entry  about Ms Cupcake ( http://tinyurl.com/VeganCakePopUp ) – including new flavours and a snappy photo of Vegan Bear looking extremely dapper.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Dear FGV~
    You are TOO funny! I haven’t gotten on the cupcake bandwagon yet. I don’t know of any good bakeries in my area. Guess I should start looking…you’re making me want to visit the UK! Have a great weekend!

    • Hi Fran. Cupcakes can be hit or miss. You really need to find someone who knows their stuff or else you could be extremely disappointed. Hope your weekend is going well. Cheers.

  2. You totally missed the better of the two vegan cake stalls at Greenwich Market- Ruby Tuesdays Bakery- beats Ms Cupcake every single time.

    (btw my friend Jey sent me a link to your blog- am loving reading it)

    • They mustn’t have been there the day I visited. Actually, the entire market was almost deserted. I am always keen to try more cakes. Tell them I’ll be there.

      Oh, and thanks for the kind words.

  3. […] Cupcake is a fabulous vegan cupcake company I have written about previously and they create the best small cakes I have ever eaten. Since my visit to their Greenwich Market […]

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