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My name is FGV and I’m a Shake’a’holic

Every vegan usually has a product, service or item of food they miss.

Vegan peanut butter milkshake from Shake'a'holic in Leeds

I don’t mean we aren’t committed to our cruelty-free stance, but sometimes you can find yourself daydreaming of more accessible foodstuff. How fantastic would it be to stumble out of a bar at 2am and devour a vegan kebab or a bag of chips? It is my dream to be able to walk into any pub in the world and order a pint of vegan cider. I am sure every vegan out there would have a different answer if poised with the question, but surely on demand milkshakes would rank favourably in a ‘what do you miss’ quiz.

Vegan milkshake lovers in the north of England, be prepared for this discovery. During a somewhat-hungover wander through Leeds city centre yesterday, my FGV eye was drawn to a colourful and cheery establishment known as Shake’a’holic. Being in a fragile state, I wholly intended to keep on until I spied the small print on the shop sign that sent my heart aflutter: “Ask us if you’d prefer vegan”.

Milkshake prices and vegan options notice

Within seconds I was eagerly interrogating the server about their vegan claims and I was delighted when they happily produced a separate vegan menu from behind the counter. I’m not sure if it was the copious amounts of vodka from the night before, but my head was starting to spin. Sherbet, peanut butter, peppermint cream and many more. Shake’a’holic are so committed to making their vegan customers feel at ease, they list the Fry’s Chocolate Cream flavour as possibly containing traces of dairy (as it states on the chocolate/candy bar wrapper). Yes, they are that in touch with vegan concerns.

After sucking down a peanut butter shake made with vanilla Swedish Glace, I declared Shake’a’holic to be instantly one of my favourite locations in Leeds. With stores located throughout seven cities and towns across the north, I suddenly felt very OK with exploring this part of the world more intimately. Knowing a vegan shake awaits me in several provincial towns made my hangover seem a world away.

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