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Vegan ice cream wars: brief update

A short and sweet entry for sugar junkies.

Swedish Glace Neapolitan

My love affair with Swedish Glace has been mentioned previously and my recent purchase has only strengthened my emotional connection to the non-dairy dessert. These ice cream connoisseurs have done it again with their Neapolitan variety.  The strawberry, vanilla and chocolate delight is housed in a FGV-pleasing 1.3 litre tub and satisfies on every level. It is creamy, sweet and fluffy, with each of the flavours deserving of their place in the line up.

Strawberry, vanilla and chocolate.

My tub was purchased at Out Of This World in Leeds City Centre but I have discovered it can be rather difficult to source. I would love for readers to share sightings. That way I will always know where to head when a craving takes hold. You never know when the mood for overeating will strike and a FGV should always be prepared.

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  1. It is rather fantastic… I’ve seen it at Wholefoods in Kensington but nowhere else that I recall FGV

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  3. Aww!
    I haven’t seen that anywhere local to me! I need to get it!
    P.s. I’ve just discovered your blog and I love it!

    • Thanks for finding me!
      I have only seen this in two stores. One is Wholefoods Kensington as Josh mentioned above and the other is Out Of This World in Leeds. It doesn’t seem easy to find.

  4. They sell it at Waitrose 🙂

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