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Vegan peppermint slice

Get to your nearest Waitrose store, buy a box of these vegan delights and start eating. I was waddling through Waitrose in Westfield White City a few days back when my chubby eyes spied an intriguing box of biscuit treats. Of course having the

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Best vegan cake in Europe

I have been racking my feeble brain for a witty or whimsical way in which to announce this epic news, but I have been reduced to a quivering mess and can no longer think. I’m going to just have to come

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Gluten free Japanese secret supper

So, you are hunting around for a niche dining experience. Think you have seen it all? Think again. Leading London-based secret supper club expert The Vegan Ronin is hosting a special lunch that will have you redefining your understanding of the word

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Choc orange delight

When I handed out my Day of the Dead vegan supper club goodie bags, one of the items that got a lot of attention and murmurs of appreciation was the Chocolate Orange Pud cups from vegan dessert experts Pudology. As you

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I long to nibble your ears

My love of Moo Free Dairy Free Chocolates is well documented and I jump at any opportunity to sing their praises. The confectionery company are unparalleled when it comes to making a vegan product that tastes like milk chocolate. I have often

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I know you’ll take another

As a sugar-loving vegan, certain times of the year are tougher than others. My recent trips to grocery stores and supermarkets have been met by a familiar sight for this time of year. Christmas shopping frenzy means I am confronted

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Gimme that Pudology

If you missed out on September’s London Vegan Potluck, I am sorry to say you also missed out on one of the best vegan dessert products to ever be available in the UK. But don’t be too sad… Pudology tubs are spreading across the country

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Guest review: London Vegan Potluck September 2012

The London Vegan Potluck stormed back into the capital this week and the food was on another level of awesome. New vegan dessert champions Pudology were on board as sponsors to add to the enjoyment. Because I was too busy eating on the night,

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Heather my dear, there’s a new flapjack in town

Isn’t the word ‘flapjack’ a bizarre thing? Where on Earth does it come from? I would love to know the etymology of the word flapjack. Answers on the back of a Morrissey postcard, please. While I sit back and wait

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And it spread

TOPAS bring some of the best vegan meat products in the world to my plate with their Wheaty range. The fact they are market-leaders is non-negotiable and I’ve known it for a long time. If you haven’t tasted their Chorizo sausage, you haven’t

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