Freakshakes go vegan in London

You have probably read this all over the Internet, but I’m here with a reminder.

Vegan freakshakes are going to be served from TOMORROW (Tuesday May 31, 2016) at The Canvas Café in London.

What is a freakshake? Check it out.


The Canvas Café describe these supercharged shakes as follows:

Each gorgeous freakshake made at The Canvas Cafe is made from scratch in our kitchen. Our homemade ice cream is created with coconut milk, which we blend with soya milk to create our scrumptious milkshake.

Then, we take a raw, vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free homemade cake – you’ll see raspberry / beetroot, coconut / matcha, and chocolate / avocado. The raw base of each cake is made with dates and nuts. This cake sits on top of whipped coconut milk, and is topped with a variety of flavour-filled sauces such as cranberry / raspberry, homemade vegan nutella, and chopped pistachios.

Like what you see?

Visit The Canvas Café online to find out more and get their details.

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