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Oumph! is heading to Australia

LIVEKINDLY Collective, a collection of brands on track to become one of the world’s largest plant-based food companies, is spicing up the plant-based food category with the launch of Swedish brand Oumph! into Australia.

The award-winning range – which has gained a cult following in Europe for its uniquely ‘meaty’ mouth feel, and bold, irreverent brand – has been introduced to the Australian market with its hero product, Pulled Oumph!

The Oumph! range is made from sustainable soya protein and is designed for use in cooking and recipes, setting it apart from the many ‘ready meal’ style plant-based products currently available in Australian retail. 

LIVEKINDLY Collective is a global group of brands led by a management team of food industry veterans that collectively aim to lead the lifestyle shift to plant-based. The launch of Oumph! in Australia, alongside top performing sister brand The Fry Family Food Group, signals a rapid development of Australia’s plant-based food market.

LIVEKINDLY Collective Australia’s General Manager Shaun Richardson said, “We’re excited about what Oumph! will bring to the Australian market. We want to kill boring and see a huge opportunity to satisfy consumers – particularly younger audiences – that are keen to experiment with plant-based foods, but don’t resonate with the brands and products currently on the market.”

“In the early days of the plant-based movement, plant-based consumers were seen by the market as a homogenous group – the stereotypical vegans. Now, as plant-based gains pace in becoming the ‘new normal’, we’re at an exciting phase where we’re realising that there are many different types of people that enjoy plant-based foods, and there are many different ways to enjoy them.”

Pulled Oumph! has already been listed at Woolworths supermarkets down under. 

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Extra note: Oumph! and LiveKindly have sponsored some of my content in the past, however this is something I’m sharing off my own back. I’m excited this brand is now available in the place of my birth!

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