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New oat milk on the block

With the non-stop tidal wave of plant-based milks crashing onto the vegan scene, it can a tough job trying to stay updated on the best options.

I know we all have different tastes and preferences, but I am happy to tell you this recent release by Co-Operative supermarkets is my new favourite.

I have become a big fan of oat milk but often find my favourite brands are a bit pricey for my budget.

Thankfully, the Co-Operative GRO label now has an affordable option priced at just 79p and in even better news… it tastes just us good as the pricier brands IMHO.

I am unsure if 79p is an introductory offer, but I am certainly stocking up just in case. Let’s hope it stays low!

Huge thanks to Co-Operative stores for making the experience of being an ethical consumer that little bit more afforadable.

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  1. I agree – it’s tasty. Co-op has reduced the price of the Gro range to match it’s meaty/dairy equivalents. Hopefully this fairer pricing will encourage more people to switch to a plant-based diet.

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