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New vegan cake in Brixton

I was stumbling away from Rock ‘n’ Roll Vegan Brunch yesterday when I noticed a new store situated just a few steps down Tulse Hill (five doors away from Veg Bar) in Brixton.

Health and Pastry looked to be a small health food store with some interesting groceries, so I popped in for a quick inspection.

To my complete surprise, I was greeted by the following sight.

vegan cake and signSuperb!

(Although I wonder if Lotus biscuits are certified GMO-free. Never heard or seen that before.)

There weren’t any cakes to buy during my visit as the store is in the process of setting up, but the owner explained to me that Monday is the day to come back if I wanna see the sweet treats out on display. She also mentioned the deli/health food store will soon start to serve sandwiches and smoothies, with several vegan options to be made available.

Health and Pastry is not a vegan store, but the majority of products I could see in the fridges and on the shelves appeared to be plant based. This included snacks, protein bars, juices, pantry items and chocolate. Mini Vego bars, anyone?!

health and pastryYou can pop into Health and Pastry at 31 Tulse Hill, opposite Sainsbury’s.

You can follow Health and Pastry on Twitter.

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  1. “No, Lotus Bakeries does not use any genetically modified ingredients in any of its products including Biscoff Cookies and Biscoff Spread”

  2. Lotus biscuits don’t list GMO ingredients on their UK packaging, so are therefore GMO-free here (I don’t know about in the USA). “In the EU, if a food contains or consists of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), or contains ingredients produced from GMOs, this must be indicated on the label.” – https://www.food.gov.uk/science/novel/gm/gm-labelling

  3. That cake looks amazing! Though I worry about what they’ve written. It sounds like they think vegan means “no eggs, nuts or GMOs”. Why mention it contains no eggs when they’ve already put “vegan” – or why not also mention no dairy? It sounds picky, but having visited restaurants which claim to have vegan options only to discover that they don’t actually understand what that means, I’m perhaps a little sensitive to vagueness like that!

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