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No single bite could satisfy

Dairy cows are some of the most abused creatures on the planet and their suffering is unjustifiable. Humans do not require cow milk to live healthy lives and there is absolutely no reason to exploit cows in order to give humans chocolate.

Chocolate is delicious though, so I am eternally grateful to the fabulous people of Moo Free Chocolates. This company is dedicated to creating mouthwatering chocolate treats that are dairy-free and delicious. This FGV has been in love with their products for a while now (see here) and my love just grew stronger with the release of several new tempting items.

As I have mentioned previously, the Moo Free plain chocolate bar is a favourite of mine so I felt fairly confident I would take a liking to the three new additions to their repertoire. The cruelty-free company recently debuted a caramelised hazelnut bar, a cranberry & hazelnut bar and  a crunchy banana chip bar. I got my chubby hands on the caramelised hazelnut and it has made me extremely happy.

A new treat by Moo Free

One side of the glorious bar is a regular-looking chocolate bar…. just tasty good stuff lined up in rectangular order. The craziness starts when you flip the bar over to reveal the underside covered in caramelised chunks of crunchy hazelnut. Oh my! This is one decadent chocolate product indeed. It is tasty and irresistable. I devoured it in record time. The smooth, creamy chocolate was a perfect partner for the rough and rich underbelly.

All calm on this side...

Flip it for hazelnut heaven

I’ll get back to you when I track down the other Moo Free delights. I’m especially looking forward to the pralines. Until then, drool over these photos and be safe in the knowledge that a world-class company producing vegan treats has struck gold again.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. I love your posts! Solid on the ethics and playful in the delight of yummy food. My kind of vegan 😉

    • What a coincidence… you are my kind of vegan, too! xx

  2. What @JL goes Vegan says, I have to agree 100%.
    And for me, no one bite of a chocolate I like is going to satisfy.

    happy ethical chocolate halloween!

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  4. […] Any money gathered from the raffle will be added to the Kickstarter fund. Moo Free are supplying us with a selection of their delicious and tempting treats for the competition. Read about my love for Moo Free Chocolates here and here and here and here. […]

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