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I truly adore you

Vegan pralines by Moo Free

Do you dream of luscious, creamy pralines? Can you imagine yourself gently removing a delicate ribbon to reveal a tray filled with decadent chocolate treats?

Thanks to the fabulous people of Moo Free Chocolates, the opportunity for vegans to delight in the wonder of boxed, gourmet pralines is now a reality. And if this fat, gay vegan dares to be so bold, I would like to say they have certainly created one of the finest vegan confectionery items on the planet. Do you want to lift the lid and discover the goodness inside the blue box? Read on and be prepared for a rumbling belly.

I honestly don’t know what to say to adequately convey how marvellous I found the pralines by Moo Free Chocolates to be. FGV readers will already be aware of how much I adore their regular chocolate and caramelised hazelnut blocks, but the pralines take eating sugar to a whole new level. The hard, crisp shell of each chocolate cracks open to reveal a sweet, nutty centre that oozes out as you chew. They are a must-consume item for chocolate addicts everywhere.

Hunt down a box of these multi-award winning pralines today. If you can resist devouring the entire box in one sitting, you have more willpower than this FGV.

Pralines for the picking

Moo Free do it right

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Can you buy these little darlings in London?

    • You sure can. Check out their website with the link at the end of the post and go take a look at the ‘where to buy’ section. There are quite a few stockists in London.

  2. Hi

    Thank you for the smashing write up FGV. You may not be aware yet but someone sabotaged our Facebook page last week and deleted it. The new url is http://www.facebook.com/moofreechocolate (without an “s” on the end) and if you or anyone reading this knows of someone who was following us please let them know that the page address has changed. You can always find the Facebook page using our url http://facebook.moofreechocolates.com.


    MB xxx

    • Thanks for the heads up. I have changed the Facebook URL above.

  3. This is vegan chocolate porn!!!!!! 😀

  4. They look truly special! Hope to see them someplace soon.

    I made a great discovery in Tesco recently. They now do their own gianduiotti (or gianduia or what I would have called pralines) and they’re lovely. The only thing is it says may contain milk traces so you might not want to have them.

    Would rather have Moo Free of course but just thought I would let people know that yummy chocolates could be right under their noses when they go shopping!

  5. […] Any money gathered from the raffle will be added to the Kickstarter fund. Moo Free are supplying us with a selection of their delicious and tempting treats for the competition. Read about my love for Moo Free Chocolates here and here and here and here. […]

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