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If I could melt your heart

Summer is desperately trying to break through the clouds here in the UK. The stuttering arrival of the warmest season brings with it handy excuses to eat copious amounts of frozen treats. Frozen treats rarely get tastier than the daiquiri

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Fry’s in a pickle

As many supermarkets and grocery store chains across the globe expand the choice of vegan products they offer, one leading UK health food retailer is seemingly going in the wrong direction. A recent tweet from a FGV reader alerted me

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Not a difficult choice

Life is full of choices. I chose last year to relocate (once again) to Europe instead of choosing to remain in Australia. I choose not to buy or consume dairy products due of the mistreatment of animals exploited within the

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250 strokes to beat it, I just can’t wait to eat it

Following weeks of planning (mostly me harassing people via Twitter), the London Vegan Potluck took place last night. It was a fabulous success. Held at the Ms. Cupcake store in Brixton, the potluck brought together vegans and non-vegans from all

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Brunch with a bang

Here is a quick post to get you over the midweek blues and get you ready for the weekend. Regular readers will be all too familiar with my love affair with 222 Veggie Vegan, a superb vegan eatery located on

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