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Help a vegan cheese company recover

Vegans, we need to band together.

I AM NUT OK is a superstar vegan cheese company and they need our help.

Check out what the brand said about the vandalism of their kitchen:

Hello! We are an independent vegan cheese company based in London called I AM NUT OK. Many of you who know our brand also know us (Nivi and Angela) and our story, but we are guessing some of you are new to us and our products!

We started as a couple making vegan cheeses and spreads at home, and when we outgrew our home kitchen, we moved to a small commercial kitchen. Recently, we decided to take a bigger step to scale up our business and found the perfect space.

After spending all our savings on securing the new space and building plans, we finally started building our dream kitchen. A few weeks back, when we went to go and check on the space, we entered the building to find the door had been forced open, breaking the locks and shutters. Upon entry, we were met with a totally vandalised space – every surface has been graffitied, trash was left everywhere, and the construction we’d been undergoing had been completely destroyed. Every entrance point was broken, the cables to operate the shutters had been cut, our new break room kitchen destroyed, bathroom trashed, and there was even vomit and human excrement…

This setback has not only cost us to have to replace, repaint, and clean everything, but it has also unfortunately delayed our building plans, costing us thousands in rent which the landlord will not cover. We are honestly in shock, and we have been unsure what to do, as we really do not like the idea of asking for money, so if you would like to support our business by purchasing from the online shop instead, that would also mean a lot to us! Any donations over £150 (UK only), we will send you a thank you cheese hamper for supporting us. We are grateful for anything, even sharing with those that might be able to help.

To all our customers, thank you so much for supporting our business all these years to help us get it to where it is now, and we are so excited for the new kitchen to be completed and share our journey with you – setbacks, victories, and all!

This is a tough situation that would break a lot of us, but Angela and Nivi are determined to rebuild.

Click here to donate if you can afford to give and be sure to take them up on their hamper offer if you are feeling flush with cash. I AM NUT OK make some of the finest vegan cheeses on the planet!

You can also follow I AM NUT OK on Instagram.

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