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Swansea’s first 100% plant-based coffee shop

Two entrepreneurs from Swansea have joined forces to open Swansea’s first 100% plant-based coffee shop.

Ground Plant Based Coffee, based on Francis Street in Brynmill, is a joint project between three times national Stand-Up-Paddleboard Champion, Matt Barker-Smith and Helen Wilson, founder of Womankind Yoga, who runs Europe’s largest Beach Yoga Class on Swansea Bay.

Matt and Helen found common ground in a passion for paddle boarding, the environment, better health and plant-based food which led them to make the commitment to create a new coffee bar in Swansea, where oat milk is served as standard.

Ground Plant Based Coffee has also committed to not selling any products in plastic, serving drinks using 100% biodegradable cups and lids.

All the food is made by hand by Helen, in her home kitchen in Craig Cefn Parc, near Clydach.

The takeaway only coffee bar is based within The Sup Hut, on Francis Street.

Matt says, “We wanted to open a business that represented all the things that are important to us, protecting the planet and encouraging people to lower their carbon footprint through food and drink choices. We have strived to do this with great barista coffee and sweet and savoury bites to eat, made only from plants.”

“The popularity of people taking up SUP, has led to a greater understanding of how important our oceans and our responsibility to the eco system that we take so much fore granted – which goes hand in hand with an increasing awareness that the impact of our diet plays on our personal carbon emissions and the future of our marine life and environment.”

Helen, who opened the doors also in celebration of her 40th birthday, says: “We have had a fantastic welcome from the local community and businesses and have been delighted at people’s reception to a coffee bar that serves only plant milks.”

Helen has worked in the vegan industry for 14 years as a professional animal rights campaigner, educator, consultant and chef. She has been following a vegan diet for 14 years and gave up meat when she was 10.

You can visit Ground Plant Based Coffee online and be sure to follow the cafe on Instagram and Facebook.

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