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Buy vegan cheese and cakes in Camden

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I am involved with rolling out a new vegan market in central London and I’ve now got some news for you.

Tasty news!

Vegan Makers at Buck Street Market is starting small (sigh… COVID is making everything so tough) but the three traders we have lined up for you this week are top shelf.

Vegan Makers at Buck Street is a 4-day a week collection of traders located in the courtyard of Buck Street Market. You might have already seen this impressive complex made from shipping containers, just a few metres along Camden High Street from Camden Town Underground station. See the location thanks to Google Maps.

Our artisan market is starting small this week, but you can get along for some of the finest vegan products in the city. (Vegan Makers is on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday between 11am and 5pm)

What will you find this week?

Vegan Makers is now a permanent home for Honestly Tasty, the sensational vegan cheese company based in Wood Green.

Run by sister and brother team Beth and Mike, Honestly Tasty is quickly becoming the vegan cheese brand everyone is talking about. Mike trained in vegan cheesemaking in Berlin, so stop by their stall to talk about their interesting family story and to buy their game-changing cheeses.

You can also follow Honestly Tasty on Instagram.

You can’t have a Fat Gay Vegan market or trader get-together without Chanel and Cake Cult LDN.

In her previous incarnation as Vegan Delice, Chanel was the heart and soul of Hackney Downs Vegan Market. Her cakes, donuts, and tray bakes would bring people from all over London.

We expect Cake Cult LDN to be just as popular at Vegan Makers at Buck Street Market, especially with busy people on their lunch breaks.

Everything Chanel makes is delicious and I say that as an authoritative source, having eaten MANY items over the years.

You can also follow Cake Cult LDN on Instagram.

Have you been looking for vegan-friendly CBD oil?

Our third trader this week from Thursday until Sunday at Vegan Makers at Buck Street is Cosmic Oils.

Cosmic Oils specialise in high strength CBD oils and related products. Everything they do is homemade in London and of course it’s always vegan. You can also follow Cosmic Oils on Instagram.

Get along to from 11am this Thursday June 24, 2021. These traders will be in the courtyard of Buck Street Market Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this week between 11am and 5pm.

You can follow Vegan Makers on Instagram for all the latest trader information each week.

If you need more reason to visit our traders (umm… vegan cheese and cake is not enough?), Buck Street Market is overflowing with vegan food options from their regular restaurants.

PRTZL is on the first floor and is home to 100% vegan burgers and hot dogs. Bad Vegan (on the top level but not 100% vegan hence the name I guess) is having their grand opening on Thursday June 24 and are even giving away free food. Magic Falafel is 100% vegan and they are also on the first floor. There are many other vegan options on site as well as just a few metres around the corner (Temple of Seitan and What The Pitta to name just two).

Buy cheese. Buy cake. Buy CBD oils. Support independent vegan traders.

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