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Really Good Beer is really good… really!

Do you like beer? Do you like making positive choices for the planet as a consumer?

Well, say hello to your new vegan beer supplier!

Launched in March 2021, Really Good Beer is all about sourcing beer from small breweries and chaneling partial profit to good causes.

That sounds EXACTLY like my drop of amber.

What is the ethos behind Really Good Beer? The gang over there says:

Our mission? To create gorgeous beer that helps solve important problems whilst you’re drinking it. Clever huh? OK, not Einstein clever, but we like to think we wouldn’t be kicked out of A-level business studies.

After realising that the five largest mega-brewers in the world make nearly 60% of all the beer on Earth, Really Good Beer jumped into action.

What was the plan of action to make sure they could make a difference to the world of beer and the world in general?

First: we brewed our first beer in a shared space in Hackney but we realised the better model was to get our beer brewed at existing small breweries (who really know their stuff).

We spent a long time (and tasted a lot of beer) finding the right partners and now work with several; they are all small, independently owned, focused on sustainable production, and (pretty much) all award-winning.

And second: we track down the most impactful projects and charities seeking to solve some of the planet’s biggest problems to pair with each of our beers; then we think of a low-key genius name that brings together the beer, cause and charity partner.

The beers are never mass produced and Really Good Beer are committed to giving 2.5% from the sales of all their beer to initiatives that tackle the biggest problems facing people and the planet.

Really Good Beer has just been named in the Top 12 IPAs in The Independent Best Buys and named as “Best Beer with Purpose”. Amazing! (read more about that here)

You can also read about some of the small charities each beer supports online here.

It sounds like a winning situation all round. Beer from small producers and money for charities… and I almost forget to mention that all the beer from Really Good Beer is vegan!

Click here to buy through the web shop (soon to be in bars and stores) and follow Really Good Beer on Instagram.

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