Time to visit London vegan eateries

After surviving the past year and a bit, I don’t think I will ever complain about time dragging again.

Nothing could ever feel as long as the winter from which we emerged. I was finding it tough going.

But FINALLY it seems as though we are emerging from the gloom, so I thought it would be the perfect time to celebrate 10 vegan restaurants I am excited to rush back to in London.

My list is below. Be sure to click through and follow the businesses on Instagram and tell me your top picks in the comments.

10. Purezza had to be on this list. The pizza chain has locations popping up all over the place (including a spot in Manchester soon) but I need to get into the jumbo-sized Camden location on Parkway. The restaurant got an upgrade since I was last there and I’m excited to try it out. Follow Purezza on Instagram.


9. I feel like a bad vegan. Itadakizen is a Japanese vegan restaurant in London that has been there for YEARS and I have only eaten there once. So slack of me. They recently gifted me their ramen sauce (amazing – read here) so I have a new appreciation and excitement for them. Follow Itadakizen on Instagram.

8. Copperhouse Chocolate is London’s only 100% vegan chocolate cafe and shop. Maybe it is the only one in the entire UK? I want to drop in for a chocolate drink, something chocolate-based to eat, and some handmade chocolates to take home with me. Follow Copperhouse Chocolate on Instagram.

7. This list would not be complete without the legendary Temple of Seitan. My fellow Aussies have become global names for the magic they create with vegan fried chicken. They have a few locations serving up some of the best comfort food on the planet, while there are rumours that a certain FGV might be helping them out with a few things in the near future. Follow Temple of Seitan on Instagram.

6. Essential Vegan lives! After closing their Shoreditch location, Essential Vegan came back strong with a permanent residency inside Dalston Superstore. If vegan food inside an LGBT venue doesn’t scream FGV, nothing does. Follow Essential Vegan on Instagram.

5. Fancy casual dining rarely comes tastier than Wulf & Lamb. Now with two locations (Chelsea and Marylebone), Wulf & Lamb is my go to venue when I have friends visiting from outside London. I feel like I’m showing off! Follow Wulf & Lamb on Instagram.

4. Deserted Cactus is another place that makes me feel like a bad vegan because I have never eaten there. I am going to rectify this serious error ASAP after lockdown and restrictions. Peckham locals have been raving about this food and I want in on the good times. Follow Deserted Cactus on Instagram.

3. Why did I post a photo of people instead of food when listing Cafe Van Gogh? Because even though the food is seriously delicious, the people working at this Brixton vegan eatery are some of the nicest you will meet in the city. It is a total experience you will want to relive again and again. I can’t wait to get back. Follow Cafe Van Gogh on Instagram.

2. Oh, kebabs! Remember when What The Pitta opened in that little shed in Shoreditch and had lines for days?! People loved the food then and they love it even more now, with locations opening around the country. Make mine a snack box with burger sauce, please. Follow What The Pitta on Instagram.

  1. Last but in no freaking way least, Cookies & Scream. I mean, what can I say about this absolutely amazing and legendary vegan business? The bakery is vegan and gluten free. You’ll always leave with a smile from ear to ear. Truly delicious. Follow Cookies & Scream on Instagram.

And I know I claimed to be making a list of 10 vegan places to revisit in London, but I’ve run out of space and decided I needed to include Young Vegans Pizza Shop. They are on track to re-open soon after taking care of the decorating that happened during lockdown (see below)! If this isn’t the best vegan pizza on the planet, it is darn well close. Follow Young Vegans Pizza Shop on Instagram.

Who did I miss from your favourites? What other vegan restaurants are set to reopen or are already serrving again?

Let’s eat, London!

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