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Sheffield pub turns food menu 100% vegan

The vegan revolution shows little sign of slowing down in the UK and this city centre pub announcement is further proof.

The Old House is a popular watering hole on Devonshire Street that has been serving vegan options on their food menu for a while, however they have now made the decision to switch to 100% vegan food and cocktails as they come out of lockdown.

Locals can book tables now in anticipation of the May 19, 2021 reopening and really get fired up by the tantalising menu.

Check it out below.

The menu is packed with tempting comfort food including all day brunch, stacked burgers, and loaded fries.

But it isn’t just the food!

All of the cocktails will be vegan, too. Fill up on plant-based drinks and snacks.

You can follow The Old House on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on menu additions.

Need to book a table? Head over to The Old House website. The Sunday roast dinners will be especially popular.

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