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Itadaki Zen is a unassuming legend on the London vegan scene.

Not a lot of people know there is a vegan Japanese restaurant just a few minutes walking from Kings Cross Station, but the people who do know are unwavering fans.

Jump on any review site and the comments are almost universally glowing.

You can follow the restaurant on Instagram to stay updated with their food adventures.

But I’m not here today to simply remind you about the legendary vegan restaurant, I’m really here to let you know about a product they are selling that I think you will love.

Itadaki Zen is now selling jars of ramen sauce and you can order for delivery or buy in person!

You can choose from the miso based sauce or the spicy version. I was extremely fortunate to have been sent one of each by the restaurant and I am excited to try.

I adore ramen and I’m happy to have the gruelling broth process taken care of by Itadaki Zen. These sauces look simple to use and are packed solid with tasty ingredients such as ginger, garlic, dates, and sesame oil (plus lots more!).

You can buy these ramen sauces from the Itadaki Zen online shop, or from Natural Natural supermarkets around London.

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