Importance of vegan supper clubs

Hey vegans.

Yes, we have SO much vegan food on our doorstep these days but we need to make more of an effort to get along to pop up supper clubs.

Super clubs and limited dining experiences are not only exciting food opportunities that you just can’t get anywhere else, but they are often crucial in helping independent chefs and business people kickstart their food career (or even keep an existing business alive).

A successful run of supper clubs can help a chef get cash together to buy new equipment. If you are already running a successful vegan café, money can be so tight that you need to find creative ways of raising funds outside of normal opening times.

This is one of the reasons why we see independently owned vegan businesses renting out their spaces after hours to pop up events. These little bits of cash injection can be the difference between buying a new piece of electrical equipment or not. That cash flow can help cover bills and expenses during slow weeks.

A pop up gives a chef the space to test new recipes. This makes it exciting for diners who will be exposed to new and exciting dishes as the food creators really put their best into impressing supper club guests.

Supper clubs are also valuable social spaces for local vegans to come together.

Yes, we can go to most mainstream restaurants now and expect to be catered for very well but sometimes it’s refreshing to be surrounded by likeminded people who are only eating vegan food.

Living as a vegan in a non-vegan world can be exhausting so supper clubs and pop ups act as a form of respite.

Eat well and support independent business!

Yes. Supper clubs are a win-win situation.

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