UK vegan chocolate bars

Sheffield. Have you been into your superstar vegan grocery store lately?

Well, I’ve got a very solid reason why you need to get in there ASAP.

The Incredible Nutshell located in Heeley has long been one of the best vegan shops on the planet. They stock a HUGE range of plant-based treats, chilled products, and goodies for your pantry.

And now they are selling the new and improved Jeavons toffees and chocolates.

Check out these images below.

Jeavons have spent several years raising funds for new machinery and trialling how to use it in order to produce all their treats on a bigger scale as opposed to their previous handmade techniques. This upgrade was crucial due to the immense demand for their tasty treats.

The Incredible Nutshell has always been a champion of independent vegan food producers, so it should be no surprise that the Sheffield store is proudly selling these toffees and chocolates.

Get into The Incredible Nutshell to be one of the first in the UK to try the new and improved treats by Jeavons. Click here to see all the details including address of the shop.

You can also follow The Incredible Nutshell on Instagram.

If you are not in Sheffield but want these treats, order online from the Jeavons website. You can also follow the brand on Instagram.

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  1. Dammit – looking through Jeavsons’ instagram is making my mouth water. Guess I’ll be opening my wallet…

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