Vegan grassroots activism

Vegan grassroots activism

If you have ever thought about becoming more involved in spreading the vegan message but weren’t sure how to contribute effectively, you really should take a moment to get familiar with Veggies Catering.

Established in 1984, Veggies is everything good about vegan campaigning.

Based in Nottingham, Veggies is a volunteer-led social enterprise dedicated to raising awareness of the benefits of a vegan approach to life through catering at fairs, festivals, private events, local markets, and basically most places people ask them to appear.

The underpinning ethos behind Veggies is simple yet powerful:

They offer tasty, wholesome snacks, favouring fairly traded, organically grown and/or locally sourced ingredients, as well as information exploring the links between diet, animal suffering and the environment.

The catering group is recognised not only for its delicious and nutritious cuisine, but also the incredible work it does to support other grassroots campaign groups and events.

When I took a vegan band and animal rights group around the UK to spread the compassionate word via the Vegan Roadshow in 2015, we found a very warm welcome (plus a venue and a place to sleep!) thanks to Pat and Veggies.

We had an incredible time brining our event to The Sumac Centre and discovered so much about what Veggies does for its local community and to raise vegan awareness. The centre (funded by the catering outreach work done by Veggies) is home to many crucial community events and support happenings.

If you want to discover more about the incredible, pioneering approach to vegan outreach performed by Veggies, get over to their website now.

If you see how valuable their work is and I really don’t think anyone reading this couldn’t, you can also donate via the Veggies website in order to help keep them operational or even consider volunteering if you have some spare time.

Follow Veggies on Facebook and Twitter and be sure to check out the huge line up of events where they will be serving up food throughout Spring and Summer 2018. Take a look at the latest flyer below and bookmark their upcoming events page. You can always catch up with Veggies at the twice-a-month Sneinton Vegan Market in Nottingham.


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