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Los Angeles has long been one of the finest destinations on the planet when it comes to vegan eating, but it still manages to surprise a seasoned eater like me in 2017.

Tonight we dined with Equelecua in Inglewood and we were impressed, delighted and satisfied.

Equelecua claims to be the first and only vegan Cuban restaurant in the world and they are probably correct. When have you ever seen a vegan Cuban eatery?

The menu is rammed with specialties such as Arroz con Pollo, wings with garlic sauce, Cuban sandwich, and freshly-brewed fruit based sodas.

Just sampled some super tasty #vegan food at @equelecuacc in Los Angeles.

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Arroz con pollo at @equelecuacc #vegan Cuban cafe in LA tonight. xx

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The food above (vegan chicken with rice) tasted as good as it looks. Superb. If you ever find yourself in the area, Equelecua is the perfect choice for either a giant meal or a few quick snacks.

If you can’t get along soon, be sure to follow the Instagram page and marvel at all the wonder they create and share.

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  1. Never been to LA, but Cuban vegan sounds exciting. We’ve been successfully serving Cuban vegan food here in Cuba for the last 18 months. So if you happen to be in Cuba, look us up on Happycow, now you can visit a tropical paradise and also have vegan paradise. We make the most of the juicy fresh fruits and vegetables available here. Our most popular dishes are coconut curry, caribbean crumble and sweet potato cakes in calallo sauce. We give a warm welcome to LBGT guests. See you soon Casa El Delfin

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