New products from VBites

VBites are gearing up to launch four new products into the UK market very soon (maybe some of them are out there already?), so I wanted to give you some warning. Start your engines!

Of course each new product is 100% vegan, as is the entire VBites range.

The new products are:

  • BBQ pulled ‘pork’
  • piri piri burgers
  • lemon and black pepper scampi style bites
  • vegetable bake fingers

Here is a sneak preview of the piri piri burger.

What do you think of the new products? Are you excited to try them?

You can visit VBites online.

All new products will be showcased at the huge IFE Show taking place in London next month (trade show/not for public).

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Dear VBites Team (I know you may not read this but…)

    I have been a long-time admirer of the brand (no really I’ve been vegan now for 22 years) but please for the love of bob can you hire a competent food photographer and packaging designer. I have worked in food and beverage marketing for over 15 years and would be more than willing to give you the contact details of some great (and highly cost effective) food photographers and packaging designers. I don’t want anything in return – nothing, zilch, zip, nada… but as a brand you have been putting out stuff which makes your products look inedible (the above picture is a perfect example – beige overload with a side of dry…) at no point would any sane person look at the food photography you use and think to themselves “…well that look tempting…”

    I love the brand and want to see it reach as many people as possible.

    With love

    Paul (aka @veganmonkey)
    PS – Sorry Sean – but someone has to say something to them.

    • Paul you speak the truth. The above burger looks disappointing and cardboardy, I’d try them because I like the brand, but the photo doesn’t make me want to.

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