New vegan ice cream by Alpro

One of the biggest dairy-free brands in the world has just released three flavours of vegan ice cream.

Are we excited?

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This new line of dairy-free desserts is available only in Tesco stores in the UK, although I am struggling to find them. I have been to half a dozen larger outlets and still am unable to locate them.

The tubs retail for £3.50 each.

Good price point but where are they?! Have you found these tubs yet? The chocolate looks like it will be my first flavour but what is your favourite?


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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. I will try coconut as I am gutted booja are discontinuing theirs, booja booja maple pecan and ginger are the bestest can’t believe they are going x

  2. I want the hazelnut flavour not only because I love hazelnuts, but because it’s different to coconut and vanilla which are pretty standard flavours these days. I’ll let you know if I track any down.

  3. I’m eating a tub of vanilla as i write this, it’s soooo good!

  4. I can’t wait to try these. Swedish Glace is my fave, wonder if it’ll beat it

  5. They’re on the Tesco website so you can place an online order (the Alpro yogurt four-packs are currently on 2 for £2.50 and the Tesco own brand soya yogurts are great too so plenty of ways to fill your trolley! Oh and they do a mean bean burger). Also, Sainsbury’s have just launched their own brand of “free from” vegan ice cream. Made with coconut milk, it comes in three flavours: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. I’ve only seen chocolate in store but all three are on the Sainsbury’s website. I’ve yet to try them but the online reviews suggest that the chocolate one is the best.
    I’ll let you know once I’ve tried the Alpro ones – they look so good!

    • Well, in the name of research I have dutifully tried all six flavours (3 x Alpro, 3 x Sainsbury’s). I wouldn’t turn my nose up at any of them, but some are better than others. Here’s what I thought:

      Alpro chocolate and hazelnut: Pleasant chocolate taste, not much hint of hazelnut though which was a bit disappointing. Not too sweet, which means you can eat a whole tub without feeling too sick (not that I would do such a thing… well, maybe). Excellent texture.
      Alpro vanilla: Good vanilla taste. Like the other Alpro ice creams, excellent velvety texture and mouthfeel, and again, not too sweet. Those with a very sweet tooth will prefer Swedish Glace, which is also cheaper. Some days I like to eat this ice cream on its own; other days I feel it needs a bit more oomph and add some strawberry sauce.
      Alpro coconut: I liked this one more than I was expecting. it has a delightful delicate flavour. Take it out of the freezer 5-10 minutes before serving for a melt-in-the-mouth sensation.
      Sainsbury’s vanilla and coconut: I only managed to try a bit of this one before my absent-minded other half left it in the fridge instead of the freezer. I wasn’t mad keen; the coconut and vanilla flavours got in each other’s way. But I still wouldn’t turn down a bowl of the stuff.
      Sainsbury’s strawberry and coconut: Unlike some other reviewers, I thought this flavour combination works and you can definitely taste the strawberry. But it’s just too sweet. And I have a sweet tooth. After a few mouthfuls I didn’t want to eat any more. Sweet-toothed partner and child concurred.
      Sainsbury’s chocolate and coconut: At last, a win for Sainsbury’s. This one has a richer, deeper chocolate flavour than the Alpro chocolate, making this one of my favourites. Good velvety texture too.

      I still dream of tubs of vegan ice cream that contain extras – I’m thinking ripples of sauce, fudge, nuts etc. Sure, we can add them ourselves, but it’s always fun to have them already there. Back in the 1990s (I know, I’m getting on a bit…) Swedish Glace did a heavenly mocha flavour – coffee ice cream with chocolate sauce swirled in – and Tofutti did a variety of funky flavours such as coffee marshmallow swirl (oh my, that one was amazing). These offerings are a little staid in comparison. But they’re great for what they are. Still, I don’t think they beat the Tesco free from cones, in strawberry and vanilla or toffee flavours. They win on the extras – sauce, nuts (on the toffee one), and solid chocolate at the bottom of the cone. Yum!

  6. I found the Hazelnut one at Tesco Edmonton this past week!

  7. They have the chocolate in Woolwich

  8. Just been to the shop and bought the hazelnut chocolate one! (Tesco slough) if you go on the brands website you can find nearest stockists! Yippeeee

  9. All three flavours in Old Kent Road Tesco, London today! Choc one is lovely!

  10. This Alpro ice cream can’t hold a candle to homemade, Booja Booja or Tofutti, however it’s nice to see Alpro finally branch out to this market. Hopefully they will improve on their recipes as time goes. I will always miss the best one out there, Turtle Mountain, with all their flavors that are the vegan version of Ben & Jerry’s but unfortunately you can’t get it in the UK anymore.

  11. All the flavours at Tesco in Chepstow!

  12. I bought mine from an Asda supermarket I bought the chocolate hazelnut one but they had all 3 flavours in

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