New vegan dishes at Zizzi

Grab your pleather coin purse and start running now. Get to your nearest Zizzi as soon as humanly possible for these new vegan menu items.

Are you ready?


Zizzi is probably at the forefront of showcasing how a non-vegan company caters for and wins over vegans. I’ve blogged about them here before but these new additions to the menu have me feeling all sorts of emotions.


Yes, the above is a reenactment of my reaction to seeing that lentil ragu and dessert calzone.

Anyone else feeling all the feels over this?

You can see the full vegan menu from Zizzi online here and be sure to choose the ‘vegan’ filter option on the left hand menu.


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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. And you can easily get 25% discount offers so that makes Zizzi even more appealing!

  2. I’m in heaven…!

  3. Yaaaayyyyy!

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