Vegan Quorn recalled for not being vegan!

Remember when I wrote about new vegan soups by Quorn?

Check out this press release/product recall notice just released by the company.


This notice was originally posted online here.

That’s right. They accidentally put the non-vegan Quorn pieces in the vegan soup instead of the vegan Quorn pieces.

It goes without saying that this is a monumental fuck-up from not only a pissing-off-vegans point of view, but more importantly for customers with allergies.

I haven’t eaten any of the Quorn vegan range as of yet and this is certainly not inspiring me. I’m really not feeling this company at all.

How about you?


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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. I’ve tried a few things and they all taste horrible, won’t be buying again when there are so many better products out there.

  2. Gross products. Avoid.

  3. I just don’t get why vegans don’t just avoid meat and dairy substitutes all together, unless they take the time to make vegan butter / cheese / milk from scratch at home, which is what me and my partner do. Vegan substitutes, like most other shite from UK supermarkets are no doubt full of additives, preservatives, hidden enzymes, added sugars / sweeteners, and other ‘ingredients’ we either can’t pronounce or find out what they actually are. Yuck. Vegan doesn’t necessarily mean healthy.. it’s great that there are so many people willing to avoid the cruelty and exploitation of animals, of which I am one, but how about looking into your own health too and into the full extent of how vile the UK and American food industries actually are..?

    • Because we have lives and don’t all know how. It’s not very conviennent for most people to do so, and for a lot of people, it’s about the animals, not the health. It’s already a restricting diet, it’s almost impossible for us to go out and eat seeing as for example there are zero, nill vegan restaurants in my entire county, the closest one is 60+ miles away and I don’t drive and won’t just to eat out. People like you are the ones who push meat eaters away, it’s not easy and things like quorn make it easier. I didn’t become vegan because I hate the taste of chicken, I did it because I hate the way they’re treated. I still love the taste of chicken and quorn can give me that back.

  4. Never trusted Quorn as a brand. Too science based. Never bought any of their stuff. Their vegan intentions are obviously not sincere.

    • Science tells us that nutrition is best when it’s whole food based, not processed, so they aren’t ‘too science based’ – they’re doing the opposite of perfectly following science. In short, don’t diss science – science has been telling us to eat wholefood plant based diets for optimal health for several decades now. (about 100,000 publications per year)

  5. I have bought ‘vegan’ Quorn, but I couldn’t help wondering why it took them so long to veganise it. Now I just feel sick as I have eaten this. I don’t think I will ever be buying again – it’s a shame, since it is a kind of transitional food for those considering going Veggie/vegan, a normalised food that they can relate to. I just feel that Quorn don’t take Veganism seriously.

  6. Omg. Give me a break. It was a mistake! They’ve made a statement and are rectifying the situation.
    What is apparent from some of these comments is that we still have the preachy vegans who are detrimental to the campaign to attract the masses to meat-free.
    Its about shutting the slaughterhouses, not voicing holier-than-thou views.
    Anything to minimise the suffering of animals is to be applauded, so well done Quorn!

  7. I’m with Musky on this one. I completely get why some people don’t want to eat Quorn which is obviously their choice, but there seem to be some people out there who want to dictate what vegan food others should eat. I do wonder if these people would rather preserve their own special status, rather than actually reduce animal suffering in the world.

  8. […] on from the disastrous incident involving non-vegan pieces added to vegan soups, Quorn continue their campaign to win over vegans […]

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