Big Holland & Barrett news

News has been announced today of a partnership between two of the biggest retailers on the planet.

Multiple news outlets are reporting on the new deal bringing Holland & Barrett outlets into already existing Tesco stores.

I visited my local Tesco Extra last week and was surprised that its NutriCentre had been shuttered, but it makes sense now. It seems all of these are to be turned into Holland & Barrett stores!

To be clear, I’m not excited about two arms of two multi-national corporations joining forces. However, I think it is rad that this move will drastically increase the range of vegan groceries available to people all over the UK. Holland & Barrett stocks amazing brands such as Fry’sTofurky and so many more. It’s terrific news for a lot of these independent vegan food companies as they will have a direct passage to one of the biggest retailers on the planet.

The first Holland & Barret inside a Tesco opened in Dudley yesterday and apparently more are set to open in the next few months in Watford, Coventry Arena, Newcastle, Cambridge and Gatwick. I expect if these prove popular, we will see a lot more in the near future.

Are you excited?

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. That’s good news for me. It means I can get great tasting Dragonfly Tofu rather than the usual Cauldron pack – and I can do that as part of my weekly shop rather than making a special trip !

  2. Thanks for the heads-up FGV. I don’t have a Tesco near me but shop online with them (their vegan ice creams and plain yogurts are worth the delivery fee!). Do you know if H&B stuff will be available for Tesco deliveries?

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