Food for displaced people

It often feels like we are being asked for money and donations continually via the Internet. There are so many people and animals in need of assistance, it is little wonder that we find ourselves feeling bombarded by requests.

The important thing to remember when we see another campaign imploring us to donate is that we are being asked to help because the majority of us are in the position to help.

Even if it is a few pounds, most of us can spare something at the end of the month.

You know where this is going, right? You are about to get hit up for money.

I am asking you to join me in supporting this crucial campaign to get hot vegan meals to the displaced people currently living in camps in and around Calais, France.

My friend Emily Runc of Rupert’s Street has joined forces with a small team of street food traders to cook and deliver hot vegan food to refugees. Read what she has to say below:

In September, a group of us headed out to Calais to serve hot food to the refugees in the camps. Following on from the success of this first visit, a group of street food traders known as Street Aid UK is planning a return trip in January and we are desperately trying to raise funds to make this happen. We are going to provide hot food and also supplies to help the displaced population cope with the unimaginable circumstances they find themselves in.

Through the pain and suffering they have endured, to be forced from their own countries, the struggle and hundreds of miles traveling to bring themselves to safety, and the living conditions they are still forced to endure, these people still managed the strength to show us kindness during our visit. We must do what we can to give them a little comfort during the harsh winter.

Our group of street food traders needs to raise £10,000 in order to return to Calais for 4 days in January from the 14th – 18th, where we will be supplying hot meals and taking much needed supplies such as sleeping bags, tents, coats, building supplies and basic cooking equipment to displaced people in the camp.

OK. This is where we help.

I know we can get Street Aid UK to their goal is no time at all. If every person reading this gave £10, the target would be reached in a matter of hours.

I know we want to do the right thing, but we often need some encouragement so I’m going to set a challenge.

Fat Gay Vegan’s challenge for Calais

Put one item back from your shopping basket/trolley/cart this week and donate the money saved to the Street Aid UK Calais drive. So simple.


  • One Vego bar = £3.49
  • A tub of Booja Booja ice cream = £5.99
  • A glass of wine in tibits = £6.50

You can see how easily we could reach the target if we all sacrificed just one purchase this week.

To make it more interactive, I would love for you to post a comment below telling us what you have given up this week and how much money has been donated to the Street Aid UK fundraising drive.

Let’s do this. Let’s show compassion for people in dire circumstances by helping Emily and her group deliver hot vegan meals and crucial supplies.


Thank you.

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