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Turkey to London British Airways meal

Josh is back with another airline meal report from his recent trip to Turkey. He already filled you in on his inflight meal on the way there and soon he’ll have a full report about vegan offerings in Istanbul. In the meantime read all about his meal on the way back…

I recently flew economy class from Istanbul to London on BA677 and thoroughly enjoyed my meal. The main was a very tasty aubergine/eggplant dish topped with breadcrumbs. The tender aubergine, rich tomato sauce and fruity olive oil combined to make a delightful dish full of Turkish influence and flavours. The cucumber, tomato and olive salad with olive oil and lemon dressing was the perfect accompaniment.


The only thing I wasn’t comfortable eating was the margarine called ‘Best 4 Bread’ as it didn’t have the ingredients on it. It seems to be made by a Dutch company but I got no response from them when I emailed to ask for the ingredients. Have you heard of it? Is it vegan?


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  1. The product catalogue on the manufacturer’s website says it’s 100% vegetable, so I normally think that’s ok.

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