Delicious vegan chocolate

It’s a tough life as a fat, gay vegan. There are so many people wanting to send me vegan chocolate to sample, it’s a tiresome chore.

When Essy & Bella asked if I would take some of their gourmet, handcrafted vegan chocolate to try, I reluctantly agreed. I’m such a selfless person.

Want the quick, time-saving review? Buy Essy & Bella if you enjoy delicious things going into your mouth.

Now for the part where I go on for a little while.

The sunflower seed & sea salt and peppermint & cacao varieties are irresistible. Made with rice powder, they are a milk free version of a milk chocolate.

The peppermint & cacao was my favourite and I would buy it in a heartbeat. It truly was one of those moments where you open a packet and you can’t stop eating.

I don’t think you will currently find Essy & Bella in shops around the country, but fortunately for you the entire range of vegan chocolate bars is available to buy via their website.

Click here to check out all the flavours, including the ridiculously delicious sounding lime and sea salt. I need that so badly.

You can also follow Essy & Bella on Twitter.

Extra note: Essy & Bella are located in Newcastle where vegan stuff is going wild including this restaurant, this vegan cheese company and even the Vegan Roadshow.

roadshow bottom banner

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  1. If ever you need a rest from chocolate sampling, I am willing to make the sacrifice and lighten your burden a little. Pretty please 🙂
    It all looks gorgeous.

  2. […] chocolate hearts made by the glorious Essy & Bella (remember I wrote about them here?) plus a bottle of Besos de Oro for £19.99 plus £2.50 […]

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