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New vegan cheese in UK!

Nothing gets a plant-based motor running quite like news of new vegan cheese.

Buckle up, kids. This is a good one.

Probably the food highlight of Vegfest Brighton, Tyne Chease is a product range that is long overdue in the UK. This brand new company selling handmade vegan cheese is set to explode on the food scene following their official launch in May.

Tyne Chease, as the name would suggest, originates in the northeast of England. Varieties sold at Vegfest included Garlic & Herb, Aged Cashew, Original, Mustard & Ale and Smoked Paprika. People all over the show were raving about these vegan cheeses.

See our Garlic & Herb cheese wheel below. We showed little restraint once this had the first wedge carved from it.

20150330_205242 20150330_205341 20150330_205535Looks good, right?

I am beside myself with excitement as I wait for the full range of nut-based cheeses to roll out. I’ll be first in line to snap up some more Tyne Chease.

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  1. Definitely the highlight of the event. I am working my way through 3 of these, soooo good.

  2. can I buy this product online now?

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