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100% vegan up North

There is no news quite like the news of a vegan food establishment opening. It fills me with such joy to let people know of another compassionate eatery on the planet and the buzz is even bigger when the location isn’t somewhere instantly recognised as being a vegan hotspot.

Newcastle. Are you ready to eat vegan?

Painted Elephant is the progressive face of veganism in the UK. The eatery is 100% vegan (meaning you can’t even get cow milk with your coffee), the menu is a balanced mix of comfort foods and the location is in the unexpected Northern city of Newcastle upon Tyne.

You can click through to the Painted Elephant Facebook page for some photos of the gorgeous-looking food and scroll down to see photos of the cosy cafe sent to me by owner Laura.

image-1 image-2 imageI am incredibly keen to get up North to try out the menu.

The chilli-choc-beet tasting board featuring a rich and spicy brownie, chocolate beetroot ice cream, velvety chocolate chia seed mousse and a sprinkle of chilli sugar is at the top of my ‘must devour’ list when I make it up there.

Visit Painted Elephant online but please note the opening times have recently been revised and the website might not reflect the updates. Best to call ahead to book a table and check times.

Have you eaten with the Painted Elephant? How was the experience?

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  1. I went a few days ago, had the Buddha Burger, it was amazing.

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