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Vegan startup

OK. This is my favourite post in the history of my blog and I’ve only just started writing the thing.

A few days ago I was contacted by someone asking if I would help promote their vegan cookbook. Nothing strange or special about that as I can receive dozens of similar requests during any given week.

The request I got this week was unique and I had no choice but to write about the book.

Alex is a 14 year old high school student in the Sheffield area who has compiled a very sweet vegan recipe collection to sell as part of a youth business initiative launched by his local council.

This is part of what Alex wrote to me:

The book specifically looks at baking, with advice about egg substituting and converting cups to grams. It has both a sweet and savoury section. I wrote the book to try and help people who have no idea where to start when it comes to baking without eggs. I also have a ton of experience in cooking vegan and when we were at school we were supposed to come up with an idea and that was the first thing that came to me.

I also love writing and cooking so i thought it would be really fun.

The book is my entry in a business competition I am taking part in called The Big Challenge, set up by Sheffield Council as a way to teach teenagers to work together and develop skills outside of school.

Alex also wanted me to make sure my readers know he is a fat, gay vegan. I’m welling up down here in London.

How could I not give a platform to a young and proud FGV trying to make the world a better place for animals? I’m bowled over.

alex photo

I think we should rally around Alex and help him make the best of The Big Challenge. We could even help him win a prize. Maybe the top prize which includes a fully-paid trip to a mystery location for his team.

I am asking my readers to help Alex sell an additional 20 copies of his vegan cookbook. That isn’t a huge number and I’m sure we can reach (or pass) that number without too much hassle. I will revise the quantity higher if we can reach that target. We did it! Readers of this blog have purchased almost 30 books from Alex, zooming past our total of 20 in no time. Let’s try and get to 40 copies sold to FGV readers. Come on, we can do it!

UPDATE: Alex has sold almost 60 copies of the book! Let’s try and get him up to 70. Send this blog post to as many people as possible.

UPDATE: Alex has sold more than 70 copies of his vegan cookbook! Let’s help him get to the next milestone of 80 copies. Tell everyone!

The book is only £7.50 (that includes £2.50 postage, packing and handling).

Click here to order online and then post a comment below this story so we can keep track of how many books we can help Alex shift. Let’s aim for a big number. We have until Friday 13th February, 2015 to help him.

Come on, let’s do it! A young FGV in Sheffield needs our encouragement, support and congratulations. Plus, how awesome would it be to see a vegan idea win this business challenge for high school students?!

Order the book now!

You can also follow the brand new Facebook page for Alex’s project. Click here.

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  1. I wanted to be the first to order. Just placed mine!

  2. I just bought one too! Good luck Alex 🙂 I wish I was as entrepreneurial when I was 14! cant wait to try the recipes. xxx

  3. So adorable , I just ordered one!

  4. I just ordered as well

  5. Aw, I’m welling up too. Have ordered my copy.

  6. Just ordered mine!

  7. Ordered!what a great idea,good luck Alex!�

  8. A friend just sent me a link to this, I’m a Sheffield vegan and I’ll help to promote Alex’s book in various facebook groups and places around Sheffield including https://www.facebook.com/groups/22216213296/?ref=bookmarks and https://www.facebook.com/SheffieldVeganMeetUp?fref=ts
    If Alex wants to contact me/our group please email: sheffieldanimalfriends@gmail.com

  9. Delighted to report that I’ve just ordered mine! Really looking forward to seeing it and trying a new recipe or two 🙂

  10. What a brilliant idea 🙂 ordered my copy.

  11. I’ve ordered one too. Great idea for the business project. Good luck, Alex!

  12. I’ve ordered mine!

  13. Just ordered mine!

  14. I have placed my order!

  15. Lovely idea. I’ve ordered mine!

  16. I’ve just ordered mine 🙂 Wishing Alex all the best in the competition. Thanks FGV for letting us know about this.

  17. I’ve ordered one!

  18. Done! What a great idea. Good luck Alex and team!

  19. Ordered my copy. Good luck and hugs!

  20. Just ordered a copy what a great idea! Looking forward to the book.Good Luck.

  21. Ordered 🙂

  22. I ordered 2 copies last night. What a heartwarming read. All the best Alex I hope it’s a great success.
    We’re vegan in our house and it’s fantastic to see young people having thus awareness.
    I try and win people over by cooking delicious vegan food and cakes too. There are so many substitutes for eggs n butter. Looking forward to the book.
    One love xx

  23. Is it sold out??? I’m getting:

    Store Not Found
    The store you are looking for no longer exists
    Build Your own Free Shopping Cart

  24. It links me to a book by Nicole Collingwood?

    • Nicole is one of the other people on Alex’s team. His name is just below hers on the book cover.

  25. Bought! Go Alex!

  26. I’m ordering too!

  27. I’m very proud of my fgvegan son Alex x
    Thank you all for ordering x
    His chocolate chip and cherry cookies are amazing x

    • Thanks for commenting, Sarah. We are all so excited to get our hands on the recipes. Make sure you give Alex a massive pat on the back from all of us!

  28. I bought one too! How many is Alex at now?!

    • Not sure. I asked him to let me know when he hits the next milestone!

  29. I love this idea 🙂 just bought my copy x

  30. I’ve also just ordered my copy!

  31. I just bought one.

  32. Ordered…brilliant for them. Hope they make a fortune!!

  33. I won’t be buying a copy as Alex’s Mum already bought me one for Christmas 😉 He and his colleagues have done a great job in producing this book and I’m very pleased to see you promoting it. He is an enterprising young man who really deserves success.

  34. Just bought myself a copy! Good luck, Alex!

  35. Ordered mine! Go Alex!

  36. One nearer to 40!

    • We have helped Alex blow that number out of the water. We need to get him to 70 now. Thanks for helping, Cathy.

  37. Purchased! X

  38. First vegan cookbook ordered (very excited!), brownies on facebook page look yummy, and first comment on a vegan blog, look at me go!!! Thanks to Alex, Tyler and Nicole for showing some spectacular innovation and to FGV for publicising, thank you very muchly! x

  39. Just received mine and my mums been looking through it so ordered hers!

  40. I’ve just ordered two copies!

  41. Just ordered this and sent link to my vegan friend who is in York, but comes from Sheffield 🙂 Same friend is coming to London in April, so was scouting your blog for ideas of nice places to take her – great blog!

  42. As a fellow Sheffield vegan I just had to cop! Great stuff

  43. just ordered a copy as well

  44. Just bought mine. Fantastic idea, well done!!

  45. Do we have a final total?
    And has everyone received their copy? I’m still waiting, but I imagine they had a sudden influx!

  46. Hi FGV I purchased Alex recipe book early Feb, payment has been taken from my account but I have still not received my copy. Could be let me know what’s happening and whether I I likely to receive this in the near future. Regards

    • Hi Kim. Probably best to contact Alex and his friends via their Facebook page. There is a link in the story.

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