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Best vegan pizza in Europe?

Sweeping statement time.

I think Sfizy Veg is the finest vegan pizza restaurant in the whole of Europe. I challenge you to tell me something different.

My proof? The photos below.

2014-10-13 19.54.38 2014-10-13 19.54.47 2014-10-13 19.54.54The photos above were taken a few months ago during my visit to Berlin. There is no way around the fact that Sfizy is incredible.

The calzone, the pizza topped with a burger, the fabulous decor and the vegan beer selection all make for a sublime experience. I didn’t even find time to get around to the pasta selection.

My pal Joe has moaned about slow service/early closing times (click here to read) but the tasty glory of the food is worth the hassle in my mind. I would eat here weekly if I lived in Berlin.

Visit Sfizy Veg online and like them on Facebook.


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  1. I have a couple of contenders (but cant compare them to Sfizy as I haven’t had the pleasure!!).

    Veggie House Frankfurt and Veggie House Bremen (both Germany).

    Veggie House Bremen is the first of the mini-franchise that we went to. They do about 15 different pizzas with their own home made vegan sauces and cheeses. The also do a vast array of pastas, rollos, and various other cuisines, and they do them well! They are a vegetarian restaurant but all can be veganised and many dishes are naturally vegan anyway.

    When making a trip to Frankfurt we were delighted to find a branch of Veggie House there as well (and fairly close to the main train station). Frankfurt Veggie House does the famous (well it should be) UFO pizza which is a pizza, topped with another pizza. They do gyros pizzas and calzones – as well as pastas and all the other essentials. (Pasta Mista being the most amazingly awesome pasta concoction you can think of!!!).

    Those are my top two…but originally, before I tried these ones I had another favourite which is Napfenyes Etterem in Budapest – Hungary. That was my first, real, and totally awesome pizza since becoming vegan!!

    Finally, not a vegan pizza restaurant, but should be commended for having not only a vegan menu, but also a vegetarian lunch day once a week is Kai’s Pizza in Karlsruhe (Germany). This place uses Wilmersburger cheese on its vegan pizzas and can also make vegan lasagnes and other pastas as well. It is a pretty cool atmosphere too, a massive old warehouse type building over the tram tracks below.

    I have also heard rumblings that a large Germany-wide pizza chain is considering using Wilmersburger on their menus thus making vegan options more available in the mainstream…I’m watching that space very closely!

  2. Hello readers, FGV’s Berlin-based friend Joe here!

    While I have indeed whinged about the unpredictable closing times, I should say that I agree with FGV that Sfizy pizzas are so delicious they really are worth the long wait after ordering.

    Waiting times of an hour or more are common, but that just adds to the anticipation of the feast to come. It’s not fast food, take your time and relax with a coffee!

    Whatever goes on in that kitchen is just wonderful, I’m more than happy to wait for such an excellent finished product.

    What I like most about Sfizy is that they’re not just great vegan pizzas, but they’ve taken the whole pizza concept to a fantastic new level. As well as a large range of the usual kind of toppings you’d expect, they also have pizzas with curries on, pizzas with burgers on, there’s even one with shish kebabs on top!

    So do go to Sfizy when you’re in Berlin (heck, come to Berlin for it!) but don’t arrive late, and don’t arrive too hungry!

  3. my contender is “green cat” in Tel-Aviv. they have special cashew mozzarella cheese and the place is just lovely.

  4. We ate at Sfizy Veg 3 times in 5 days in Berlin, including their brunch, which smacked down both of the other buffet brunches we had. We specifically went to Sfizy Veg for our last meal pre-flight. Fucking amazing.

    • Smacked down? Fucking amazing? Sounds like fighting words! 😉

  5. Napfenyes in Budapest is pretty amazing! Worth visiting if you’re there. Although very bright lighting and they don’t sell booze.


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