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Crepes in Brixton

My friend Wayne contacted me last week with news of a crêperie serving vegan crêpes and I couldn’t wait to share the news on here. Thanks Wayne for use of your photo and for this wonderful news. I am looking forward to trying!

Wayne wrote to me, “Senzala Creperie is in the labyrinth that is Brixton Market. I was wandering around the market today looking for somewhere to have lunch when I stumbled upon Senzala and was overjoyed to see their menu had a vegan section – only three options, but hey, that’s better than a lot of other eateries. My meal was very tasty and satisfying. They can do gluten free crepes too. Their website is under construction so no help there, but there are reviews if you google Senzala. This is my crepe with caramelised onions, mushrooms, asparagus and lots of protein-rich rocket.”

Vegan crepe!

Vegan crepe!

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  1. Both looks and sounds gorgeous.

  2. Open letter, to FatGayVegan.
    Sean, I hate to say this, but I think you’re becoming somewhat obsessed with this creep business. You’re either hallucinating or becoming seriously paranoid. To tar one group of people, after another with the same brush, is getting ridiculous to say the least. In defense of the good folk of Brixton, I’d like to say that they’re such a decent people, that I have come across anywhere in London! To call them creeps, is nothing short of, but outrageous!
    What? ……. can you repeat that? ….. what was that? ….. ah! I see, well I must’ve misheard ya, or ‘I might have been hallucinating’. I do apologise dear old chap, ……. you mean there’s (vegan) crepes in Brixton, thanks for the tip, I’m off there, straight away! :-p

  3. I ate there with friends on Sunday and it was delicious! You can have it made with white flour or buckwheat and there are three vegan options. (I had the same crepe as Wayne.)

    The coffee is great too and they do soya milk.

    You can book most of the time but not weekend lunchtimes but we didn’t have to wait long for a table. The staff are so friendly, I’ll be going back next time I’m in the area.

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