Free event in North London

If the idea of attending a free event that involves vegan food, relaxation and swapping goods with likeminded souls appeals to you, you are going to love this day out in North London.

I was recently contacted by Mia and asked to pass on this information regarding the event she is hosting. The floor is yours, Mia:

We’re holding a Free Christmas Fair on 25 November, 2012 at Pakeman Primary School, Holloway N7 from 10:30am. During this event there will be a ‘give and take’ which will include clothes, books, toys etc. We will be having film viewings (Forks Over Knives, Story of Stuff and No Impact Man) as well as services like Reiki, massage and maybe a yoga class. All for free.

The event is run by volunteers who are donating their time just for the love of it.

We are also asking people to bring a vegan dish to the event so we can share in some yummy vegan food. Those who might not have tried vegan dishes before could be able to taste them.

All offers of help, especially food contributions would be very gratefully received!

To get involved or to find out more information, email Mia miadukelow AT or visit the Facebook event page

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Such a brilliant idea! I wish there was event like this here in Glasgow. Perhaps next time I will make it to London to visit one of these events. I’d never say no to free food 🙂

  2. Hi Sean

    A big thank-you for all the help you have given Mia in promoting and getting the word out about her event,you are an absolute star.



  3. Hi Sean – really excited to be sending samples to another brilliant Vegan event in London :)!! I hope it’s a really great success for Mia.
    Lucy (Pudology)

    • I am certain they will adore your gorgeous Pudology desserts! xx

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