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Bowl for Oceans

On Sunday January 6, 2013 you will not want to be anywhere else other than The Kingpin Suite near Russell Square in Central London. Compassionate party goers are set to really warm up this mid-Winter weekend with bowling, karaoke, music and a full bar at the Bloomsbury Lanes complex.


Each ticket purchased not only gets its buyer a full 5 hours of all-inclusive fun, but will result in a donation being made to the UK branch of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The aim is to donate at least £1000 via ticket sales and even more through raffles and donations on the day.

“Sea Shepherd are the ocean superstars of protecting our marine wildlife, consistently and effectively putting themselves on the frontline in the name of conservation,” says Sean (Fat Gay Vegan). “When you attend this party, you will be putting funds directly into the pockets of Sea Shepherd in order for them to continue their crucial work.”


The party will kick off at midday and attendees can jump straight into the fun with activities included in the ticket price. The event will include:

DJs: a rota of local vegan and vegan-friendly disc spinners will be keeping the room moving with a selection of diverse tunes

Bowling: all 5 lanes in the venue will be open for your enjoyment – you can wear the lane shoes or your own non-marking rubber soles if you prefer – one game per attendee unless time permits more

Pool tables: challenge friends and strangers to a couple of games

Karaoke: sing your heart out in a designated karaoke room

Bar: vegan bottled beer and cider will be on sale at the bar for the duration of the event – bar wristbands at the door for people with ID. No ID means no drinking alcohol as we will have under 18s on site too.No exceptions, even if you are clearly of drinking age

Tickets are now on sale at the early bird price of £11 (plus booking fee). Buy yours now and maybe even a few extra for friends and family. Entry to this party would make an incredibly thoughtful gift. Ticket price will increase close to the event so buy now to avoid disappoint and secure cheaper entry.

Tickets are offered on a strictly no refund policy. If you purchase but discover you cannot make it, please gift your ticket to a friend or maybe consider it as a donation to this wonderful cause.

A masive thank you must go to our major sponsors of the event.

Fry’s Vegetarian make some of the best plant-based meats in the world and their UK distibution company have long been supporters of Sea Shepherd. Follow them on Twitter and say thank you for their help with making this party happen.

Barrow Boys Crisps are fast becoming the leading choice for cruelty-free crisps in the UK. They are the only brand of crisps to carry the Vegan Society logo and they have very kindly made sure our fundraiser attendees will have plenty of snacks on the day. Follow Barrow Boys on Twitter and let them know you appreciate their involvement.

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