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London needs to eat more Vedge

London is a fabulous city, but it is missing a certain something… vegan fine dining.

I am aware that we have an amazing and growing array of plant-based foods to choose from, but I am talking about high end service and exquisitely hand-crafted cuisine. There isn’t anything, right? Well, now you can be part of a movement to help change this in the most marvellous way imaginable.

Cast your mind back to when I wrote one of the most glowing reviews in the history of this blog following my visit to Vedge in Philadelphia. Don’t remember? Read it again.

Vedge is truly one of the finest vegan eating establishments on the planet. The unmatched food creations join forces with one of the most visually-stunning dining rooms to create a unique experience. Owners Kate and Rich are masters of turning plants into restaurant food worth paying for… the whole process of dining at Vedge is priceless.

Vegan cheesecake by Vedge

I could rattle on all day about the food, service and atmosphere but I promised London-related news so hold on to your seats…

Vedge are considering expanding to London!

That is correct. Kate and Rich are currently exploring the viability of a London-based version of the restaurant that changed the eating scene in Philadelphia forever. I don’t need to explain to Londoners how amazing it would be for us to have a fine dining experience such as Vedge to call our very own.

Does this interest you? Would you dine at Vedge London? Well, you need to let Kate and Rich know that you would support them.

A research group has been established to gauge how much interest there would be for this level of vegan dining in London. If you dine out in London, please take 2 minutes to fill in this simple survey. Post the link on Facebook, Twitter, blog and anywhere else interested people might view it.

Click here to take the short survey

And please don’t limit the people you share the link with to vegans. Vedge want to hear from anyone who would appreciate a fine dining experience in London.

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  1. The question to ask would be why Saf closed their Shoreditch location.

    • I have a few ideas!

      • What do you know? I used to work in SAF Shoreditch and it was quite a disappointing experience, there were very few, if any vegans that actually worked there at the time other than me and there ethics and treatment of staff left a lot to be desired. My guess is they closed as they were making a lot more money from the products they produce and sell at whole foods etc for a lot less overheads than the Shoreditch restaurant cost to run, Hopefully someone that actually cares about being vegan for the right reasons can get a restaurant going in London someday because SAF are/were most definitely in it for the money.

  2. Oh my, I might just go to Phili soley for Vedge. A friend of mine just ate there and raved about it. And she’s not vegan! I do hope they hop the pond for you!

  3. *crosses fingers*
    Have done the survey – thank you 🙂

  4. Survey done!

  5. Ironically, I was just at Vedge last nite (And you know I live here in Philly)! Of course, it was fab as ever–I’ll post photos in a few days. ANd the cocktails….I could live on their “Cide-Cars.” I would applaud a Vedge in London…

  6. wow. Vedge sounds prettty amazing.
    I’ve seen London listed as the “best city for vegans” blah blah… I assumed London was already well-equipped with both fancy and non-fancy vegan joints…..
    reality is: this entire world is in desperate need of MORE fancy vegan joints.

  7. Thank you to all of you that have filled out the survey. The response has been overwhelming!

  8. Survey complete – fingers crossed!

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