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Let me hear that, let me near that

You all know about inSpiral, right? Yeah you do! It is London’s very own superstar vegan cafe and bar that is a veritable powerhouse producer of gorgeous vegan snacks.

Everything about inSpiral makes me love them. They care about the planet. They support musicians. They are active community members. They make some of the best healthy snacks on the planet. They do it all.

I recently got my chubby, queer fingers on a few packets of their new recipe granola bites and I now have another reason to sing their praises.

Loveberry granola bites by inSpiral

The inSpiral granola bites come in three tempting varieties; Banana Greeny, Chocolatey and Loveberry. These chewy and crunchy morsels are the sort of delicacies that you can’t put down once the seal is broken.

Chocolatey granola bites by inSpiral

The chocolate flavour is definitely my favourite and with this staggeringly-healthy ingredient list, I can afford to eat to my heart’s  content. Check out this goodness: buckwheat groats, sunflower seeds, dates, inSpiral’s raw chocolate chunks, almonds, apples, flax seeds, quinoa, millet, chia seeds, raw cacao powder, coconut flesh, cacao nibs, raw vanilla extract and himalayan crystal salt.

Grab a bag online today or visit your local health food provider. Nutritious, tasty and made with love… you can’t go wrong.

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