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Cheesy vegan stuffed crust deep dish pizza

My friend Vegan Ronin (who cooked me one of the best meals of my life) has done me a massive favour. She has written a marvelous and comprehensive review of our trip to the vegetarian pizza parlour known as Karma Free Pizza.

Wanna know about greedy vegans stuffing their faces with vegan pizza? Read on!

Karma Free Pizza

Cheesy vegan stuffed crust, deep dish pizza. Do I have your attention?

The buzz about Karma Free Pizza has been building for awhile. A friend of a friend went, and then your friends went, and then you go, and then you take your friends, and then they take their friends. The buzz is happening, folks. They must be doing something right if people are taking the journey over the edge of Northwest London for this food experience.

Specialty pizza places are well known amongst Londoners. Best sourdough? Check. Thick cornmeal base? Check. A vegetarian-only pizza joint with handmade, organic crusts? Check! This is where Karma Free Pizza comes in to fill a gap in the market. They use a no-kill vegetarian cheese if you’re into that. And most importantly for us vegans, they have vegan cheese at no extra cost. And did I mention you can get STUFFED CRUST?!

Let’s go to the beginning. After having a drink at the new vegetarian pub, Coach & Horses in Soho, I made my pilgrimage out to Harrow with other foodie vegans I’ve befriended through the London Vegan Potluck and London Vegan Drinks. We arrive to see FatGayVegan tapping his watch. Let me tell you something, friends. Do not stand in the way or keep a FGV waiting when it comes to carbs. “Dough balls!” He announced. “Dough balls! Dough balls! We MUST get the dough balls! Two orders of dough balls, please!”

Dough Balls with Vegan Garlic Butter

Knowing a vegan swarm of ten had arrived, the lovely hostess asked, “Would you like our homemade vegan herbed spread with that?” “YES!” we squealed in unison. Let me tell you another thing, friends; ALWAYS trust a FGV when it comes to carbs.

Herbed Breadsticks

The dough balls were delightful and chewy. We also shared potato wedges with an amazing homemade mayonnaise and garlic bread with tomato sauce for starters. Josh was an hour late, but we left him some scraps.

Dough balls and herbed bread

Everything is made by hand (you can peek in the kitchen and watch them!), so with our large group we had plenty of time to chat and catch up and talk vegan gossip of new foods on the market. We also had time to chat with the staff about having Karma Free Pizza participate in World Vegan Pizza Day, and they agreed! Details later.

When eating out, I find vegans tend to be more “hoarders” than “sharers”. We each ordered our own pizza and managed to share a little with each other, so I think we’re making some real progress! We ordered things like “Karma Feast”, “Sweet Paradise”, and many “Karma Creators” which is a make-your-own pizza with five topping choices. I had a normal thin crust with spicy tomato sauce, jalapeños, pineapple, onion, olives, and veggie pepperoni. Others went all out with deep dish and stuffed crust topped with roasted vegetables. There are so many toppings to choose from, everyone cannot help themselves but to be happy. I sampled a bit here and there, going after the backbone of a good pizza: the crust. It was perfectly cooked and tasty on all of them!

Cheezly goodness!

Oh, you’re probably wondering about the vegan cheese! Shredded finely, sprinkled on by a hand that knows how much cheese a pizza should have (none of this “light dusting” stuff), and it melts like a dream. No one would ever know. And if your non-dairy intake is STILL not enough, they offer vegan ice cream to finish the meal off. PS: Remember it is a cash-only establishment right now, but there is a cash point conveniently across the street.

We were hungry…

Gender stereotypingly, the girls were the only ones with take-away boxes. Although I did take a slice of FGV’s stuffed crust Sweet Paradise home as well for leftovers the next day. But then tragedy struck, ladies and gentlemen. The next day I get a text at work from my non-vegan (gasp!) husband asking if he can have some pizza. Wanting to show how great the pizza was, especially with vegan cheese getting better and better, I said sure! He may have a nibble. A NIBBLE, people. I wanted some for dinner as I was working late. I came home to find he had eaten the ENTIRE DEEP DISH STUFFED CRUST SLICE.

I know there is flattery for the pizza in his eating frenzy, but I was too overcome with RAGE to think about it. My 12+ years of not having a stuffed crust pizza never even entered the situation. Good pizza is good pizza and that won’t stop anybody, no sir, no how. (This isn’t the first time he has come home and eaten a hand crafted vegan cheesy pizza I made as a treat for myself!) So the first rule of food has been enacted: DO NOT EAT THE VEGAN RONIN’S PIZZA LEFTOVERS, EVER. Let my lesson learnt the hard way save you from any pizza-related kerfuffles in the future, my friends.

So get yourself some friends and take a special trip to the Rayners Lane tube stop, turn right, and in a couple of minutes be in pizza heaven. Good friends, good food, it will be a lovely evening to be had by all, as it was by us! Just make sure to write “Do not eat!” on your take away box!

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. I can’t wait to eat at this place someday! Everything looks incredible, especially the vegan garlic butter. Thanks for putting in the good word about Vegan Pizza Day. <33

  2. fab review! hope the hubby can redeem his vegan slice eating error, flattering as it was it sounds like an error! and I never share food 🙂

  3. […] flicks but the store-bought pizza has been a bit more troublesome to recreate for vegan me. Sure, Karma Free look after the herbivores but they are a long way from my house. Thankfully, I have discovered a […]

  4. This place has now closed!

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