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Some hope and some despair

It is no secret that I eat extremely well… and by well, I mean a lot. Food is a passion of mine and I am always seeking and searching for new experiences.

Enter Vgango.

Vgango of Battersea

Vgango is a new 100% vegan deli located in the South London suburb of Battersea. It is a vegan oasis in the middle of coffee shops and sandwich retailers that are likely to raise an eyebrow if you ask for plant-based options.

Even though it is a tiny location, Vgango has a well-stocked supply of a lot of your favourite items. You can dig deep into their freezer for Fry’s and Redwood, or browse the fridge for delicious Vegusto cheeses and meats.

So many chilled goodies

Fry’s in the freezer

Vgango also make a killer panini as I found out when I ordered mine toasted with salad, mayo and vegan chicken. There is a wide range of fresh and ready-made delights to sink your teeth into and the server was super patient with me as I deliberated on my order.

My panini

Delicious vegan sandwiches

Some of the food available

Vgango is a short walk from Clapham Junction train station. It is not that accesible for me, but if I lived in the area I would definitely be visiting several times a week. Battersea is certainly fortunate to have this new establishment on a local street.

Visit Vgango online

Like Vgango on Facebook

Sweetbird syrups on the shelf!

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Yum! Looks incredibly tasty!

  2. I went a few weeks ago lured in by the promise of some Vegusto. Really impressed, great range for quite a dinky shop & the guy serving was really friendly. Thumbs up!

  3. This looks so good!! Love panini’s !

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