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Ooh man, I love dee cake!

My vacation in Barcelona was a moving experience and I enjoyed many profound moments. Celebrations, street carnivals, cultural awakenings and informative strolls throughout historical neighbourhoods… I guzzled it all up like it was a cheap, vegan beer.

Now I am in Los Angeles and eating my way around the city, but I wanted to take a brief moment to reflect on one of my Barcelona highlights that helped me become a better, more rounded FGV. Vegan cake.

Lujuria Vegana is a vegan bakery specialising in luxurious cakes, tarts and desserts. The quality of these treats is unparalleled anywhere in Europe. The only people I know of doing anything on a similar scale is Vegan Treats in the US.  The cakes are scrumptious and decadent.

Below are a few photos of some of the Lujuria Vegana cakes I consumed while in Spain. I don’t have names for them, but I have tried to give brief descriptions. Just know every single thing they make is divine.

This chocolate creation was my favourite - there were crunchy, sugary pieces between the base & the mousse

Behind glass like the gems they are

Who could say no?

The crunchy biscuit base made this outstanding

This was a chocolate/orange/custard vegan masterpiece

One of my 'to go' orders including meringue

Chocolate & coffee & mousse.. oh my!

This was amazing - the wafer was crunchy!

Check out the Lujuria Vegana website

Follow Lujuria Vegana on Twitter

All of my treats were purchased at Gopal in Barcelona. Read my review of that restaurant here.

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  1. Those all look so good. I tink they may even be worth the airfare to Barcelona just to try them!

  2. The next time I´m in the neighborhood I´ll make sure to stop by Lujuria and I´ll be wearing my fat pants!

  3. Wow! And much cheaper and quicker than going to New York to get my fix of Vegan Treats stuff from Atlas Cafe!!!

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