Vegan Yorkshire puddings

This isn’t new information but I thought as I just received a gift box of these gorgeous Yorkshire puddings from Mabel’s, I should give you all a reminder.

If you are not from the UK or haven’t spent much time here, you might just be a little bit confused about Yorkshire puddings.

I can recall when I first came to the UK back in 1998 how completely confused I was by the concept of Yorkshire puddings. They are doughy like cake but you eat them with gravy?!

A lot of vegans have told me just how much they miss eating Yorkshire puddings as traditionally they are made with egg and milk.

Thankfully, Mabel’s have come along with these vegan beauties.

How good do they look?!

My plans for this weekend include a giant roast dinner with Mabel’s Yorkies as the centrepiece, dripping in gravy.

You can order your own vegan Yorkshire puddings from the Mabel’s online store.

Follow Mabel’s on Instagram.

Extra notes: Mabel’s also sell a gluten free version of their fab product AND all packaging is either recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable.

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